Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why isn't God Making me rich like the TV man said he would?

Be faithful in how you live and how you give, the television preachers said, and God will shower you with material riches. And so the 53-year-old accountant from the Tampa, Fla., area pledged $500 a year to Joyce Meyer, the evangelist.

She wrote checks to flamboyant faith healer Benny Hinn and a local preacher, Paula White.

Only the blessings didn't come. Fleenor ended up borrowing money from friends and payday loan companies just to buy groceries. At first she believed the explanation given on television: Her faith wasn't strong enough.

"I wanted to believe God wanted to do something great with me like he was doing with them," she said. "I'm angry and bitter about it. Right now, I don't watch anyone on TV hardly."

The prosperity gospel continues to draw crowds, particularly lower- and middle-income people who, critics say, have the greatest motivation and the most to lose. The prosperity message is spreading to black churches, attracting elderly people with disposable incomes, and reaching huge churches in Africa and other developing parts of the world.

Some ministers hold up their own wealth as evidence that the teaching works. Atlanta-area pastor Creflo Dollar, who is fighting Grassley's inquiry, owns a Rolls Royce and multimillion-dollar homes and travels in a church-owned Learjet.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Van Hoople paintings and illustrations

Mmm... Cocktails.

Fish eye.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Am I Learning from Buck Rogers - Chapter 1

Col. Wilma Deering is a terrible flight combat commander. She managed to get four of her troops killed in about 30 seconds in the first part of the first episode by relying on the "combat computer."  

Buck Rogers also contributed to their deaths by yelling archaic phrases through the radio system, like, "Bogey at 12' O Clock!" A confused fighter pilot, trying to figure out what a clock had to do with anything was vaporized seconds later.

It seems probably that Wilma Deering only has her high-ranking Defense Dept. position because her father is a respected statesman. 

Also, living in Chicago are zombie-mutants, almost straight out of The Omega Man with Charlton Heston.  Buck Rogers is totally oblivious to the danger he's in, let alone to exposing Dr. Theopolis of the Computer Council to almost certain doom. It seems odd they'd have no way at all of calling for help, but there you have it. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whole Foods Insane Massive Pasadena Store

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mr. Richard Branson is an interplanetary Supercriminal

Friday 30th November 2007 (First sent Friday 30th November 2007)

From: Mr. Carlos Kavros via

To: The Recipients

Ref: Braggadocio Branson (Of England) Currently In Jail, In Germany ?

Dear Sir/s,

I suspect that on Thursday 29th November 2007 in Germany Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' was jailed (for fourteen days for criminally fraudulently claiming to be the founder and chairperson of the Virgin group of companies?) and that he will be released on Wednesday 5th December 2007.

On Tuesday 28th August 2007/Wednesday 29th August 2007 whilst an inpatient at a mental institute in California, U.S.A. expert psychiatric personnel there described Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' as, "Extremely mentally ill." and, "Too mentally ill to tell the truth about anything."

I suspect that on Sunday 18th November 2007 Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' was a patient at Rampton high-security mental hospital, Nottinghamshire, England where he confessed, by nodding very slightly when questioned, to the abduction/murder of Ms. Madeleine McCann that on Thursday 3rd May 2007 in Praia de Luz, Portugal/on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea he and some criminal associates of his committed.

In December 2007 I suspect that in the United States of America Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' will be sentenced to and will serve a short term in prison for (criminally) thieving from the Virgin group of companies; he has served many terms in prison, especially in England and the United States of America, for (criminally) thieving from the Virgin group of companies.

This year Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' has served many terms in prison, around the World especially in England.

W.23.5.2007. In The Central Criminal Court, London, England a secret hearing discussed a life term in prison for Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' that culminated in a last possible day for this sentence to be in March 2010 - this could change. Note: I suspect that Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' is currently correctly charged, by the Metropolitan Police of London, England, with thirty-six murders and I suspect that in December 2007 he will be charged with two more murders.

The murder of the founder/lead developer/engineer/Chairperson of Virgin Galactic that Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' committed in 2003 was/still is one of the most serious murders ever recorded and I suspect that this murder is officially rated as the 3rd World's worst murder.

Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' has spent approximately twenty years of his life, since 1962, detained in prisons and mental hospitals around the World especially in England, the United States of America and Germany.

On Wednesday 9th April 1958 my mother (deceased), a Judge named Ms. Carla Kavros, founded the Virgin group of companies using the name Virgin because it is the forename of her (our) first (female) ancestor.

Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' currently has me kidnapped and 100% obstructed in England; officially rated as the continuing 3rd and 47th World's worst atrocities respectively. He also has most of my brain electronically switched off using 'Dreams' and 'Nightmares' computers, and this is part of what is officially rated as the continuing 6th World's worst atrocity. For perspective, the disease named A.I.D.S. is officially rated as the continuing 4th World's worst atrocity. The longer A.I.D.S . continues the more serious it becomes. The longer my kidnap continues the more serious it becomes. All these World's worst atrocities plus others are headed by Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson', truly the most evil man in the Universe – so please be very careful with him. My kidnapping is approximately one point six times more serious than A.I.D.S. Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' is also the World's worst murderer, the World's worst kidnapper, the World's worst fraudster, the World's worst criminal, the World's worst homosexual, the World's worst rapist plus much more.

(Mr. Harold Branson alias 'Mr. Richard Branson' is an interplanetary Supercriminal).

I have a valid special European Court of Justice injunction against the applicable of the United Kingdom's police services and medical services that's requirements include not speaking on my behalf - this and next year some of these services will be jailed for violating this injunction (please be careful if you encounter any of them speaking for me because they are probably deceiving/conspiring.)

I hope this has been of interest to you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Carlos Kavros