Friday, July 28, 2006

Stop Holding the US Presidents Mail

These are copies sent to proper agencies in the United States. Testimony April 9, 2006 George Serrano SSN # 551-XX-XXXX P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 This memo is to give testimony about the Lord God Jesus Christ. The Lord has protected me and guided me every step during my times of heavy persecution. Private agencies and civil authorities collaborate with each other to see my demise. This includes: Coaching me to act like a criminal. Overtly have me under surveillance to stress and freak me out. Give false information about me to ruin my image. Use children in their set-up schemes Sabotaged my vehicle multiple times. Turn my friends against me with lies. Many road hazards (attempts at my life) have been created for me. Offered me women Used racial slurs at the Kirkland Library and other places. Much more to list I am against a Goliath funded by taxpayer money for almost two years. Civil Authorities and Private agencies (Roy Horn's name has been mentioned multiple times) are the Goliath's. I am like David (in the Bible); I have nothing but faith and trust in my Lord God Jesus Christ. This is more than enough, because if God is with me who is against me? I am a potential witness that will testify against the Goliath's. The Goliath's are trying to stop me by discrediting me, imprisoning me, or by any means necessary. They will do this because my testimony will stop present and future child abuse and endangerment of God's children and will land them in jeopardy. I am asking for prayer. Pray for the will of God to be done. George Serrano Testimony 2 April 11, 2006 George Serrano SSN # 551-XX-XXXX P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 WORK: This in addition to my memo sent on Sunday April 9th, 2006. At work surveillance activities have been going on since my arrival. In late March 2006, I was to be laid-off because our work was slow projects were being completed. The Authorities prevented it and would prefer me to resign instead. A week later my vehicle was sabotaged to make it tougher for me to get to work. I am reporting this now because there are many witnesses. The company Sasco (in Woodinville) hires temporary employment from Labor Ready (in Woodinville). All temporary help have participated in the surveillance. A few are private investigators and the rest are regular workers influenced/motivated by the Authorities. MAILINGS I am e-mailing you because my mailings routinely get intercepted. I don't receive important documents like birth certificates, bankcards, or even test mailings at work. I have written five letters to the President of the United States and sent four copies to the Governor of Washington State. My mail to my Pastor even doesn't make it. FOOD My food consumption is a direct reflection of the surveillance activities. I am currently and in the past trying not to be arrested for buying a meal. TRIP I took a trip to Washington D.C. to deliver some reports in person. My trip is hard to explain. I took the Amtrak train then the Greyhound and the train again. My luggage was lost then mysteriously reappeared. My reports were missing and my pastors’ Church card, nothing else. BUS My reports turned against me. I am watched to see if I show my buss pass two to three times. On several occasions bus drivers were instructed by Authorities to pretend not to see my bus pass, so I reported this. Now if I show my buss pass once I may be in violation. REPORTS Undercover agents often ask me why I keep making reports. I respond by saying I am under surveillance on a 24hrs/7days a week basis. Attempts at my life have been made. Most importantly, I witness Child abuse daily by private agencies doing it under the protection of Authorities. I have consistently made reports to several civil authorities and public representatives. I have been referred to other agencies by them or have had no responses. Some don't or can't respond because there’s some kind of Federal Gag order impeding them. CLOSING Through this the Lord God Jesus Christ has protected and guided me. George Serrano Testimony 3 April 22, 2006 George Serrano P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 I have relayed to the parties (Goliath's) who wish for my demise, for them to be ready, to be at their best, 110%. I want them to say that they went up against the will of God and God took them down at their best. The kinds of abuse that I witness on a daily basis on children by the Goliath’s (F.B.I. and private agencies) are various. One is having children and teens have conversations filled with foul language around me in a way to try to get me to participate in them. Two is following me into pubic restrooms. Three is having teens try to flirt with me. Four is using children and teens as decoys for their set up operations. Five having children and teens try to annoy me, so that I may have a negative outburst. Six is having them regularly participate in the surveillance, even at night. It's no secret that my communications are getting intercepted. This memo will be no different. Right now, I'm avoiding being set up for something petty. My enemies are setting their traps in hopes of continuing their torments. George Serrano Testimony 4 For F.B.I. only Testimony 5 April 25, 2006 George Serrano P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 This will be my fifth testimony letter. My mother Joanna Serrano lives in Pacoima, California. She has been a victim of the surveillance. She is 60 years old and has had to go to the Hospital several times. What has she done to deserve this? My close friends have been led against me. For instance, Shawn a roommate of mine is always asking me questions as if I'm in a court room being cross examined. Shawn only lives in the house on the weekends and has been there for a couple of months now. Another friend and former business partner is Carl Rodgers. He lives in Sylmar, California. He is a real estate agent. Carl also does side work as a private investigator. When I was in Los Angeles he was an active participant in the surveillance on me, in his house, at the office, at the warehouse music store, and etc... I hear footsteps in the attic above me. This is the third day in a row I hear them. The Civil Authorities can't be too comfortable up there. I believe there are cameras as well in the bathroom. My roommate Shawn described an event about soaking clothes in water after I had done a similar thing that same day. That would make them peeping Toms. One day I was working at my job when a car pulled in. Normally only trucks come in; maybe they pulled in because it was raining outside. Four men got out of the car with suits ties carefully avoiding me. They flashed badges at the other co-workers and walked around the SASCO warehouse. I asked them multiple times to confirm the status of why they were here and was denied. After a short while they left. On the public buses daily occurrences are the norm. This is where a lot of the activities happen on almost every bus I take. I wonder if they have meetings about me at the bus district headquarters. SASCO management encourages employee involvement in the surveillance activities. SASCO is my current employer. I have not been there since last Wednesday. George Serrano Testimony 6 April 27, 2006 George Serrano P.O. ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 Ground hog Everyday I get up it's going to be a ground hog day like the movie. I can expect the same things that happened to me the day before to occur today. Some of the surveillance includes being set-up, coached, friends turned against me, rumors spread, baited, lied and etc... Slavery Some of the surveillants were victimized as children. Their childhood was stolen from them. They were used in stings and set-up operations. I have sympathy for them. Those funding and profiting from this Child abuse must be stopped for our future generations. We have labor laws to protect them. A Child is forced into these activities. Even if a Child speaks out to the parents and says, "I don't want to do this anymore"; most likely they will be ignored. The Child is a source of free labor for them and that's why they are exploited. Private investigative companies don't make out checks to children and say "well done". The parents receive the check, they are the one who gain from it, and the child suffers for life. The cycle repeats itself when they become adults, because that's what they know and how they grew up. Unrepentness People in the surveillance don't have a conscience. Their faces light up to hopefully see my demise. I mean I've never seen anything like this. Set-up after set-up their face is gleaming. The only time they do get upset is when I don't become a victim to their schemes. George Serrano P.S. I won't be able to give an official interview because of the 24/7 surveillance. Testimony 7 April 27, 2006 George Serrano P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 Juan Rangel is a friend of mine from California. I believe his life is in jeopardy because he is a potential witness. Juan was in a set-up involving his ex-girlfriend named Dawn. He told me his girlfriend would moan "you wrong, you wrong" when they were intimate. I told him he was being possibly set-up. He met Dawn in Las Vegas and dated for a couple months. So I'm out of a witness because of a set-up. Van Luu is the owner of the house I live in. I rent a room there. The people that live are four. Van, Hannah, Shawn and a new guy Jim, plus the civil authorities. The house is getting full. When I moved in Van and his girlfriend Hannah were the only ones there. Then Shawn and soon Jim will follow. Everything started out well except for these last few weeks. I gave a letter addressed to the Governor of Washington to Van and Hannah to mail. I did this because my mail was being intercepted. Sasco employees are Ed, Adam, Tom, Ray, Randi, Bruce, Art, Guil, and Bob. Also a temporary worker from Labor Ready and another Electrical Union person are there. Ed the warehouse manager and Adam are the main participants in the surveillance set-ups and activities. Others know about the F.B.I. and are what I would call neutral. I've had people admit to me that they are aware of the F.B.I... It's hard to keep a conspiracy when there's so many people involved. I've gotten Ray and Art to admit, but later denied it. I gave Ray a letter addressed to the President George Bush, he said he gave it to Adam and he mailed it. Sasco has an open door policy with the F.B.I in regards to the surveillance on me. One time an F.B.I. agent came in and asked me to direct him to the whereabouts of Guil. Mars Hill is a church in Ballard, Washington. I attended that church for many months. F.B.I. again was very active there. The reason the F.B.I. would involve so many people in the conspiracy is unknown. The combined parties of Sasco, Mars Hill, Bread of Life Mission, Labor Ready and other places are around 50 individuals. Sooner rather than later one or two are going to leak something and the rest will follow. George Serrano Testimony 8 April 28, 2006 George Serrano P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 Oregon border When I drove up from California last year it took me about a week. I noticed that I was followed by some agency with multiple vehicles rotating. A few miles before crossing the Oregon border my car started malfunctioning. The car had some problems with sputtering. It took me almost a week to reach the State of Washington. I got here with a hundred dollars in my pocket and my God guiding me. I reached in the glove compartment to unplug the radio wires. The vehicle had a radio wave bug, so I wanted to make it a little tougher for the F.B.I. to follow me around. The tracking device attached to the brake light was still active though. I didn't unplug the light because I needed it for traffic conditions and to make signals. A month before I had made the trip; I gave notice to the F.B.I. about going to Seattle, Washington. I stayed in Seattle at the Bread of Life Mission close to 6 months. The staff of the Mission is witness to the F.B.I. surveillance on me there. Fast Food Stings Other witnesses to the conspiracy are two fast-food restaurants in Lynnwood, Washington. Set-up sting operations went on there in hopes of catching me purchasing too much food. I won't mention their names for legal matters, but one has two golden arches and the other rhymes with Mindys. George Serrano Testimony 9 April 29, 2006 George Serrano P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 Other Witnesses I called volunteers of America in early March to inquire about possibly donating my car. The F.B.I. was monitoring the calls in hopes of a successful sting operation of catching me donating my car. I called twice, once in the morning and the second time in the afternoon. In the second call, the operator spoke in a rehearsed manner. She was nice and asked very detailed questions about the car and why I wanted to donate it. Jacky is the operators’ name. Jacky was very patient with my mild speech impediment. She put me on hold once and was speaking as if she were being fed what to say. Bruce a co-worker at Sasco was involved in the activities as well. Quality Towing in Kirkland, Washington is where more people have witnessed the surveillance activities. The towing company only offers a five day business period to pick-up a vehicle from the impound. I called twice, once within the period and the other much later passed the five-day business period. The operators again were rehearsed. They were willing to let me take the vehicle without any paperwork or proof of ownership. The operators were very electrified when speaking to me. This happened when I told them I would not pick-up the car. I visited the Hospital in Kirkland, Washington twice. The first visit was on Tuesday April 12. The Nurses aid helping out the front desk was trying to hard to play the role. He was an undercover F.B.I. agent. All the nurses and doctors there are witnesses to this surveillance activity. The second visit Tuesday April 18 was different. I didn’t notice any undercover agents, but the staff was in on the surveillance activities. As I was approaching the emergency room intimidation tactics started. One guard was at the doorway almost blocking it and the other was by the check in counter. Then as I was waiting in the waiting room both guards were passing by me often back and forth. I called my co-worker Randi and told her about the events taking place. Finally I got to see the Doctor and spoke to him for about 30 minutes. He said I was OK, but under stress and offered me stress medication. At that point the nurse interrupted him and said she would handle the situation. I didn’t! get my medication for stress or treatment. That brings up the combined total witnesses to this conspiracy to about 100 individuals. George Serrano Testimony 10 April 29, 2006 George Serrano P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 My Residence After washing drying my clothes cat food smells appear on them. Urine smells on my bed sheets everywhere have appeared as well. There’s a cat named Rocky that hangs around my room because of the cat food smells, but the smell of urine on my sheets is not from a cat is human urine. I don’t eat or drink at the place I reside too often. Some days ago my drinking fluids were tainted. I know what it was because you can’t mistake it. It was urine. My body has been cramping up, my nerves are tingling, my stamina is gone, I feel dried out and I get heated up quickly too. I don’t want to offend any cavemen, but cavemen wouldn’t even do this to each other. Even if someone in authority or power tells a person to do this they shouldn’t. Whether it’s an F.B.I agent or Roy Horn and his countless private detectives a person has to question that and refuse. Bus Drivers I didn’t include the bus drivers in my count. With them the witness list is well over 100. George Serrano Testimony 11 May 4, 2006 George Serrano Resolution I had made a resolution not to report any more incidents. Since then major incidents have occurred and the resolution has been broken. Case No. I 132106 I had a traffic court date on March 27. I chose to contest it through the mail option. Randi from work prepared the document on her computer. All she did was type it up for me and kept a file on her computer in case I needed copies. I mailed the letter twice and visited the courthouse to make sure it got there. I didn't receive a notification of the Judges decision in the month of March or April. I received the decision on May 1st. Since the surveillance was active at work, I believe my letter was tainted and the citing Officer was given knowledge of my letter before the Judge ruled on it. Surveillance Detection Methods In order to detect the surveillance around me I depend on faith. I don't rely on my senses or any high tech counter surveillance equipment. I put my trust in the Lord God Jesus Christ and it's revealed to me. If you were to confirm this with a Pastor, Deacon, or Reverend in Christ you would receive this verification. I am aware of the constant surveillance and it torments me. The Goliath's rely heavily on high-tech and spying equipment. What ever happened to the pencil notepad old fashion investigative methods? The private detective agencies have free will on me and civil authorities have looked the other way. So I'm asking the F.B.I. to step aside and let me conduct my own official investigation. One surveillance tactic that I disagree with is the impersonation of a civil authority method. When I purchase food, sometimes a person walks toward me fumbling and patting themselves down as if looking for a badge. This has happened often. This is an intimation tactic to appear that I'm getting arrested. This also promotes aggression towards authorities. George Serrano Testimony 12 May 2, 2006 George Serrano P.O. Box ___ Woodinville, WA 98072 Max, My mother tells me you sometimes visit her home for to hear news of how I'm doing. I'm in Gods' hands and doing fine. I have to caution you because I don't want you to get caught off guard. Now and then there's a visitor that visits the house. You've met him his name is Jose, my mother calls him "El tigre". I believe his last name is Redondo (Jose Redondo). Mr. Redondo has never had a job that we know of. My mother warned me about him. Jose always bragged about being involved with attorneys and working for private investigative agencies. I'm cautioning you because one old family friend named Jaime used to visit the house there in Pacoima, CA. I knew him since my youth. Jaime and Mr. Redondo didn't quite get along. Then for some time Jaime stopped visiting the house. Mr. Redondo actually brought up that subject. He asked multiple times if Jaime visited the house lately. At that time, Jaime hadn't visited the house in months. On other occasions Mr. Redondo would again bring up the subject with a sly smile. Mr. Redondo also has visited my mother friend Maria (Nacha) in San Fernando, CA. My mother warned Maria as well before Mr. Redondo visited her house. My sister and her children know about this too. Take cautions Max. Go along with what he says and don't blow his cover. George Serrano Testimony 13 May 4, 2006 George Serrano The Major Event that broke the resolution. On May 2 at 11:30pm, I boarded the Greyhound Bus out of Seattle, Washington on a one-way ticket. Everything was normal. The surveillance entourage was there, a reporter and a Federal Official. The Federal official wasn't from the F.B.I. or U.S. Marshal's. I noticed my food purchases were being monitored. That Federal official was of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The surveillance entourage was on their best behavior. That changed at Butte, Montana when the Federal official and the reporter left. I entered the bathroom a few times. On my last visit to the restroom, I was using the toilet. One of the members of the entourage came in to use the men's stand-up urinal. He flooded it and pump it causing it to overflow everywhere and fast. I hurried out of there. My blue suede shoes got drenched with urine. Things continued on. The counter person pointed me to the wrong bus and I had to go back to ask her for the correct one. While on the bus, the surveillance crew made sure to keep me awake all night with their tactics. We stopped in Idaho to refuel and eat. I entered to eat at a restaurant. When I was finished the bus was gone. Then a person undercover was cursing a bus driver in a way to get me to join in. He gave me the wrong time in order to make it seem that the bus had already left us, so to gage my reaction. I didn't approach the newsperson. George Serrano Testimony 14 May 5, 2006 George Serrano Buying time Currently, the F.B.I. is buying time. They aren't communicating with me in hopes of arresting me first. Maybe they are thinking of using the evidence of the arrest as a bargaining tool. I have information that could be the missing piece of the puzzle. That's why I'm asking for this memo to be forwarded to them. Two weeks On March 6th, my car was on the highway shoulder. It was in Woodinville, WA and stayed there for two weeks. On the second day, the car had a green check mark on it. All of my co-workers mentioned it to me because the car was about a third of a mile next to the off-ramp by my job. I told them it was odd for my car to be left there for so long. Randi said her father asked a State Trooper about why my car was there for so long. Her father was interested in purchasing my car. The State Trooper informed him that sometimes the rain-washes away the check marks or they just don't see the vehicle. I made attempts to pick-up the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. Mail I still try to mail letters. I try various methods. I give them to either people I know or leave them at places I dwell, in hopes of them putting it in the mail for me. The mail I receive is filtered or delayed. For example, my mother lets me know when she puts something in the mail for me, either I don't receive it or I get it a week later. Some of the parties I've mailed to lately are: Volunteers of America in Everett, WA World Harvester Family Church, Pastor Rich in Lynnwood, WA Lynnwood Library in Lynnwood, WA Food Currently, I may be arrested for consuming snacks or purchasing snacks from a vending machine. The monitoring of my food has resumed again. This food monitoring is an adjusting one of possible violations. Sometimes, I'm monitored to see if I purchase to much or to little food. It's always changing like the Stock Market. George Serrano Testimony 15 George Serrano wrote: Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 14:32:27 -0700 (PDT) From: George Serrano Subject: Testimony 15 To: "brownduck@___" May 5, 2006 Max, The F.B.I. has had Juan set-up and he is scared right now. Juan has been an informant for Federal Bureau of Investigation. Juan told me recently that he is still in communication with Dawn. Juan should save all proof of communication between Dawn and himself. This will prove his innocences. I have juicy information that will break this investigation case wide open. The F.B.I has only been given the partial truth. The F.B.I. has been conned into siding with my oppressors. I can't relay it to the F.B.I. because they have stonewalled me. My communication pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Sooner or later when the Feds find out all the truth they will be furious, especially the taxpayers. George Serrano brownduck@___ wrote: From: brownduck@___ To: George Serrano Subject: Re: Fwd: Testimony 13 Date: Fri, 05 May 2006 06:44:38 +0000 Hello George, I spoke to your mom around 9PM today. She wants you to come home. Juan said something that I heard like, maybe George could had pay off the credit card debt after the sale of the Chatsworth home, but DID not. The creditors could be going after George for possible fraud by filing for bankruptcy. George could be scared because he doesn't want to go to jail for fraud regarding payments to the credit card companies. Maybe George did NOT file for bankruptcy IN-TIME. I believe that they are undercover detectives to gather information regarding your credit card use regarding Real Estate and your gambling internet and non-internet. I am only hoping that Juan's thoughts are ALL WRONG. Tell me if you find the following helpful and inspirational. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Testimony 16 May 5, 2006 George Serrano Background Carl Rodgers is a former business partner of Max, Juan, and myself. He help Max and I purchase a couple of homes and for that we considered him a close friend. Mr. Rodgers was an excellent businessperson. Mr. Rodgers is also into making money, so when he got the chance to do some undercover work on me he did. I've known Juan since my youth. Juan is also a businessman. He is somebody that I've been a friend with for a while. Juan and I are like brothers. I look out for him and he does the same. He was in shock when he saw the first tracking device and still couldn't believe it when he saw the others. Juan is an innocent by standard that got caught in between my oppressors and me. As for him and Dawn they still were in contact with each other a short while ago. It hurt me when he was set up because of me. Dawn visited him at his house all the way from Las Vegas and a lot of people witnessed it. They talked for hours on the phone, she even asked him to move-in with her. The real ones to blame is the organized group(s) funding and promoting these kinds of events and actions. Robert Presson is former friend of mine who was caught in the same situation, again because of me. Mr. Presson was forced to be an F.B.I. informant. Luke 20:20 George Serrano Testimony 17 May 6, 2006 George Serrano From the Heart of Utah Children In the end, when I'm made to appear as a villain or a hero, Children are still victimized. Their childhood is robbed from them and future corrupted. The bible verse Luke 20:20 describes their destiny. This profession has been in existence for a long time. Jesus himself was trapped. Jesus also said not to corrupt his children and he shall set them free. Why I fight The surveillance parties have knocked me down over and over. I keep fighting them. I have to and I won't quite. I don't want my future wife to be a widow before she is married to me. I don't want my future children to be fatherless before they are born. I don't want my mama to lose her son. The Lord wants to keep using me as his tool towards fulfilling his will. Surveillance parties, the media, and co-workers had knowledge of my former place of residence. Shockingly, the group with the best high-tech spying equipment, the best trained personnel, and is highly funded doesn't know my whereabouts. I don't buy this and I believe that our Government Officials, authorities, and the media don't buy it as well. Give me one shot F.B.I., let me tell my story. Don't prolong this investigation any further than it has to be. Free to speak The F.B.I. has been letting me communicate by e-mail. I tip my hat off to them for letting me do this. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has not contacted me, and I'm hoping that the media can relay my messages. I receive e-mails from family and friends. I don't receive e-mails from anyone else. The e-mails I do send I keep short and to the point because I write if it were to be my last opportunity. Request for witnesses I'm waiting to share information I have that is very important. Since the F.B.I. has been leaning towards the other parties I would like to request witnesses, one Government Official, and all the media outlets that I've been in contact with. George Serrano Testimony 18 May 8, 2006 George Serrano Snow white and the seven dwarfs On May 7th, 3:30am in Salt Lake City, UT. I took the train going to Chicago. On this trip similar events occurred as in my trip of April 1st from Everett, WA to Washington D.C.. I visited the cafe cart twice. First Visit was for breakfast on May 7. I ordered the continental meal. The milk juice were drugged. I went to my seat and past out for a while. That same day I purchased a sandwich, candy, and ice tea at the snack cart. Everything was fine. My next purchase was that evening. I purchased two beverages and a chicken Cesar salad. The plastic cups with ice were laced with the same drug. I was incoherent. The food attendant from the cafe, snack bar attendant and a undercover F.B.I. agent were the only ones in the snack car lounge. I managed to make it up the stairs and made to a bathroom in a different car. I locked myself in the bathroom it until I got better. I made my journey towards the bathroom. I had the surveillance party's undivided attention. They gazed upon me with hopes for my demise. Next morning on May 8, I bought a candy drink at the snackcart. The candy was contaminated. Afterward, I checked the wrapper and found a small tear other than the one I made. This one had more of an affect on me than the others. Final visit was at the cafe cart. On May 8 for lunch. I ordered the green salad with chicken and no beverage. Joining me on the same table was a different undercover F.B.I. agent a surveillance member. The F.B.I. agent had the hidden camera. He sat across from me. Both of them were having a great conversation while they watch me get drugged. The Food attendant also watched on with pleasure. My reaction was different this time. I started losing hearing from my right ear and teeth seemed to weaken. The food attended asked me how was my meal. I said great. There were seven undercover F.B.I. agents on board the train. All of them coordinated with the other surveillance team. Their plot was to do something to me and use it as a bargaining tool. George Serrano Testimony 19 George Serrano Cleveland, Ohio Essence Surveillance to people means to be observed in a peaceful and neutral way. This is untrue for current agendas. Surveillance agencies make money when catching somebody doing "you wrong" and when nothing is wrong they don't have work. They seek out your weaknesses to put an end to your pursuit of happiness. Surveillance then set their traps. They bait and coach you knowing it's only a matter of time before you fall. Your liberty has come to an end. Since authorities protect the surveillances, justice is no more. Sexual orientation I like women and that's it. The seashells I wear are for faith's purposes. The surveillance crew F.B.I. agents must have received wrong signals from me. I haven't been on a date because of the surveillance on me. The Goliath's have shown to be otherwise. They have drugged me many times, followed me into the bathroom routinely, and opened my door at the hotel room to set me up. After the door incident, I called my friend Max about it and checked out pronto. Looking the other way The Federal Bureau of Investigation is instructing citizens to commit possible suspicious activities and confrontations toward me in hopes of accusing me of looking the other way. To that I say, "I'm not here to monitor the world, that's Jesus Christ's job. Rabbit Stu I called to California the other day and I asked about my rabbit named Stu. I wasn't given the bad news over the phone. Something bad had happened to Stu. The F.B.I. knows I would return home if a loved one were ill or endangered. Years to come I'm in Cleveland, Ohio right now and in a few days I'll be going towards Tampa Bay, Florida. I'm under surveillance and expect to be for years to come. George Serrano Testimony 20 May 11, 2006 George Serrano Mislead It is my desire to come to terms with the F.B.I.. We can't keep up this cat and mouse game forever. Taxpayers would be most gracious. My only conflict with the Federal Bureau of Investigation is their association and protection of the private agencies responsible for these events. The F.B.I. got caught up in the surveillance activities, but I believe they have been partially informed and mislead. Canada Tonight if possible I will attempt again to enter Canada from Buffalo, NY.. I submitted my application as a refugee citizen in March 2006. I'm going to confirm my status. Good health Currently, my health is stable. I've been watching closely what I consume. The most recent contamination of my food happened in Cleveland, Ohio. George Serrano Testimony 21 May 13, 2006 George Serrano Manhattan, New York Taking off my armor laying my shield down My mission is not to destroy the F.B.I., but to come to terms with you. It means that I respect you as the authority of this country, and people depend upon your organization as the last line of defense. I pray that my lord God bless you and kept you strong, but If you should individually allow corruption then he shall humble you. My Lord is my ultimate Judge and controls my destiny. On May 11, the drugging turned to poisonings. My plans took a detour Thursday evening to leave the country. The closer I got to Canada the more I was encircled by police patrols in Buffalo, NY.. That evening I dined at Prima Pizza Pasta. I had eaten a fourth of my meal until I felt the symptoms. I quickly (as best as I could) walked to the bathroom. I purposely vomited. I got myself together and exited the bathroom. In the hallway waiting with amusement were two F.B.I. agents. I looked past them and focused on getting my things together to find the nearest exit. On May 12, I took the Amtrak from Buffalo, N.Y. to Pen Station N.Y.. It was the 9:45am train. I had a prepaid ticket with another location and date. The ticket counter person said he couldn't change it on the computer. He talked to the conductor and welcomed me aboard. I thought it was odd. Three undercover Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were on board. I had one soda throughout the trip. No cup or ice just straight from the can. They got me. The soda was laced. After I purchased my soda, the snack-bar attendant denied a soda sale to a different crewmember. The snack-bar stand displayed various soda cans still available. My can was sealed and the poison was smeared on the can. I believe they smeared it on all of them, to make sure that I was a victim. Maybe all the sodas were changed after my purchase, if not over passengers may have been poisoned as well. The wicked cannot judge the righteous I will only fear God. I will give praise to his glory and righteous judgments. You've become your own enemy You are the highest civil authority of this land. You are arrogant and careless with the power entrusted to you. You use and practice the same methods to accomplish your goals the same way your enemies do. Come back to the light and leave the dark side. God shall spare you and be with you. George Serrano P.S. keep this for your copies Mother and beware when talking to Max because he is a F.B.I. informant. Testimony 22 May 14, 2006 George Serrano Washington D.C. Plot In early March of 2006, the F.B.I. racked up circumstantial evidence and was confident in making me look like a villain. Then the plot for my removal was on. They weren't about to get their hands in blood. The F.B.I. gave and coordinated the orders to private agencies that were involved in the surveillance. The orders were to make it look like a mob hit. This was done because I used to gamble in Las Vegas, NV at the $5 dollar tables. To connect me with the mob because of this is a long shot don't you think? There were a lot of people involved in this, mainly the private detectives for the agencies. Poisonings Since my last letter two attempts at poisoning me have occurred. One was right after I wrote testimony 21 in Manhattan, N.Y. at a Kinko's/FedEx. I have the plastic bottle with me as evidence. The bottle was getting me sick just with the fumes. I dried it because of the fumes. The second was after I had arrived to Washington D.C. at the Union Station. It was around 6:00a.m. at the fast food place with the two golden arches. A big play was put on too. There were firefighters, paramedics and other people attending a worker there. It was all a decoy to distract me. George Serrano Final Testimony May 15, 2006 George Serrano Washington D.C. Headed to Tampa Bay, FL It's official, last night I reported my events to the White House in person. The Secret Service took my report. This will be my last testimony. It's an obstacle course now just to get a computer to write. As I write this memo, I'm being baited into several setups in the wee hours of the mourning. My enemies are like my shadow, trying to set me up where ever I go. My testimonies have been written in a hurry and with no second or third drafts. As I move from city to city trying to settle down, I find differences on participation in the surveillance activity levels. For instance Salt Lake City, Utah and Baffalo, N.Y. had police patrols swarming around like sharks at me. They jumped onto the F.B.I. bandwagon in a hurry. Going into Washington D.C. was like walking toward a beehive of F.B.I. agents. They’re all over the place. Undercover agents have asked me in the past, if I'll go public about these events. I said I’d be hosting a radio talk show stuttering all over the place. I figure it'll take me about a year or so. F.B.I. has been using "testimony 22" as a window of opportunity to continue the plot and blame it on the private agencies. Lately they also have been coaching me to walk like a cripple. As well trying to arrest me for riding public transportation. I ride it aften and I use it to make them earn their money following me. George Serrano __________________________________________________ Testimony 24 1. Please, check messages. 2. Did you know that the F.B.I person called me on Sun. (5/14), telling me that you were in the White House? May 18, 2006 Richmond, Virginia Yes I was at the White House on Sunday. I'm OK. I'll be home in mid-June to work on my case. The person that you spoke with is not a F.B.I. agent. He is in the President's Secret Service. The reason this all started is not because of an incident with the DMV about a car. It's more complicated. George Serrano Testimony 25 May 18, 2006 George Serrano Richmond, Virginia Bread butter The number one tactic used over and over is what I call the broken record tactic. With this tactic the Goliath's want you to strike them. They want you to become a violent offender. It's easy to prove from their standpoint, quick and efficient. The private agents transform themselves into their own victims, witnesses, with evidence to prove the case. The broken record tactic is usually run with the triangle defense. Something they must have picked up from Coach P. Jackson. By that I mean, one victim and two witnesses for a total of three private agents. Afterwards, the police can be seen patrolling nearby for a quick potential arrest. I'm going to Washington D.C. tonight and after that I'll head for Spokane, Washington. George Serrano Testimony 26 May 20, 2006 George Serrano Jacksonville, Florida Mass P.I. Has there been a record of complaints every-now and then about mass violations on board a public bus transporter? Where all of the passengers including the driver were accused of committing violations? Has this ever been reported? I am a witness to private investigators filling up all bus seats as passengers in order to eliminate having any witnesses. The only person who rides the bus besides the P.I.'s is the victim. On May 10, 2006, I purchased a greyhound ticket going from Cleveland, Ohio to Buffalo, N.Y. at 10:15pm. I didn't make that time, so I tried taking the next one. That one was scheduled to depart the next day on May 11, 2006 around 2:00am. I entered the bus and a sense of evil came over me. Something was up. I sat down then I tried to get up and leave. The bus door was closed shut. As I waited for the bus driver to return people were asking me why was I leaving so soon. That look in their eyes was familiar, It was the same one I saw on the private investigators when they wished for my demise. The driver came back opened the door. He entered and closed the door behind him. I was waiting to get out. He said it was too late to leave and I said this ain't hotel California. The bus driver then said OK, but I couldn't get my bag from the glove compartment up overhead. So I got my bag anyway and left. George Serrano Testimony 27 May 22, 2006 George Serrano Tampa Bay, Florida Tailored tickets When a person is under a surveillance watch, the traffic ticket scheme is at play. A person's own vehicle is used as a tool against them. A tracking device is placed on the vehicle. Such device records the location of the vehicle, speed, driving habits tendencies. This information is then relayed to traffic enforcers. For instance, if you were a slow or fast driver, traffic enforcers would know where and when. I had received a parking ticket in San Diego, CA last year without even being there. The ticket had my license plate, but the description of my car didn’t match. I also received a parking ticket last year, but I believe my vehicle was pushed intentionally there. F.B.I. The F.B.I. has had the opportunity to set God's children free. To set them free from bondage. To give them back what they never had, a childhood. Instead the F.B.I. has looked away at the matter and have chosen to protect it's ties with private parties. They have hardened their hearts. It's have been revealed to me that a serious of plagues will be cast upon them. These plagues will be a sign that God is against them. The first plague will cause baldness to the leaders of the F.B.I. organization. Don't bother putting a toupee on people will know. George Serrano Testimony 28 May 23, 2006 George Serrano Tampa Bay, Florida The surveillance still continues on a 24hrs/7days a week basis. F.B.I. Files The F.B.I. might want to make this into a story in their T.V. serious program. I'm curious to see if the whole story is told. Things such as asking for help a year ago, and receiving none. Will they mention the incentive offered by private agencies into making me a political prisoner? Will the children who are used as slave labor in undercover operations be televised? How about the poisonings I received and the F.B.I. following me around all over the country without being officially located? I must be the first person in history "on the run" wanting to be found. I was living in Mountlake Terrace, WA the past four months and previous to that Seattle, WA for six months. I hope they find a quality actor to play my role. George Serrano Testimony 29 May 24, 2006 George Serrano Washington D.C. The surveillance continues 24hrs/7days a week basis. Broadway I just got off the train from Tampa, Fl to Washington D.C., which was 8 hours late. The trip could have been a Broadway play. The Goliath's were working together in fine tune. An undercover F.B.I. agent was appropriately playing the role of conductor. He was coordinating the show and his P.I.'s. The show featured P.I.'s as passengers getting rowdy. They were getting into shouting matches with the attendants, from start to finish. There was a get together in the lunch cart. Throughout the trip, the Goliath's were trying to initiate me getting into confrontations with others. Plague of truth The F.B.I. prides itself for having a reputation of not tormenting it's victims. Its practices are different. The F.B.I. uses homosexual acts against its enemies. The plague of truth shall reveal this. Many victims will come forward and testify. The F.B.I. has laid a blanket of silence with shame and taken away people dignity as well. I myself have not been reporting these types of attempts by the F.B.I., because they’re embarrassing and disgusting. They try to play matchmaker. Once they tried to have a transsexual sit on my lap as a joke. They were setting me up for something no doubt. They have guys in pinks shirts sit around me too. Back in Utah, I had to move the furniture up against the door because of a possible set-up. Things of that sort of nature happen especially after I delivery a testimony. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. I pry that they stop associating themselves with these practices. George Serrano Testimony three-zero May 26, 2006 George Serrano Chicago, ILL Headed to Spokane, WA The surveillance continues on a 24hrs/7days a week basis. Agents gone wild Giving Federal agents a badge to do anything with no consequences is dangerous. F.B.I. arm themselves with poisons, spy equipment and have access to personal information to use for their bidding. The fabric of a society is a delicate one. An organization that goes around spreading rumors, sabotaging people’s lives, taking legal bribes and thumbing their nose at everyone is corrupted. What do I mean by legal bribes? Being on a private agency payroll, while serving in a position entrusted by the people and using it to fulfill that same private agencies needs. It's no secret, private agencies have a contract out on me. Maybe if I match it, civil authorities will leave me alone. Yes, I'm "wanted dead or alive", but preferably dead. That brings up my next topic. Botched attempt On May 14, 2006, My death was to be faked by the F.B.I.. I was in Washington D.C. that day. I was riding the Metro sub-way. I got off in Grosvenor-Strathmore and walked around. I returned back to the station two hours later. I went down to the tracks and there were two undercover F.B.I. agents and myself. Suddenly an announcement was made, a medical emergency had occurred. The train wouldn't operate all the way through, the announcement said. The gig was up. I immediately walked away to the far end of the platform and one F.B.I. agent followed me. I dashed back upstairs where more agents appeared. My death was to be faked that day. So now you know the real story. George Serrano Testimony 31 June 2, 2006 George Serrano Seattle, WA See attachment (Joanna File) George Serrano Testimony 32 June 2, 2006 George Serrano Seattle, WA I'm going back to Cali. I'll be in town for a few days. I'll be checking for messages at the Union Gospel Mission if you need to contact me. I'll be leaving soon heading to California. I'm in search of more potential evidence and witnesses to close my case. I won't be staying at the Mission. I don't have an income, so times are lean. Once again I went from being a taxpayer to a tax burden. I have every right to blame the F.B.I.. What good is it going to do? I pray for them because they are the ones who are hungry, homeless, lost, scared, helpless and don't even know it. Zipper Plague Corrupted F.B.I. agents shall be put to shame. Those F.B.I. agents are plagued with their zipper being caught down in public places. If wearing a button fly, the buttons shall fall. George Serrano Testimony 33 June 2, 2006 George Serrano Seattle, WA Forward to F.B.I. Take Responsibility Your hands are dirty, even if you look away, pretend not to see or hear. You are still guilty. Don't you hear the children crying for justice. Take that snake that plugs your ears and commands you at will, away. You have given free will to those that do your bidding. A certain segment of our population the laws do not apply. You have murderers, con artist, doctors, thugs, firefighters, drug dealers, private investigators, prostitutes and many others are exempt from the laws. You are used to dealing from a position of power. I have news for you this time your not. You have been defeated in Jesus Christ name Amen. Cheers Wherever I go people usually know my name. Everywhere, USA has become anytown, USA. They have been briefed and prep up towards your agenda. George Serrano Testimony 34 June 3, 2006 George Serrano Portland, OR The surveillance continues on a 24hr/7days a week basis, and I expect it to continue for years. The Surveillance What's the protocol in handling this matter? Am I supposed to call 911 every time I'm surveillanced or how about if I were to make trips to the White House every time? Should I try to identify and point out undercover agents or ignore them and send them Christmas cards? How about the poisonings, should I act casual about it and pass it off as something normal? When I'm finally set-up for something, should I play the part and pretend I didn't know or expect it? As I mentioned before, the surveillance makes me do weird stuff. I go cross-country to make them work for their money. I don't eat well, because of the poisonings. I get paranoid of people, because they might be spies in an undercover operation scheme. I've hitchhiked in order to try to lose the surveillance. I don't wash my clothes, because of a possible attempt at a set-up. I'm unemployed, because of third party intervention at my former place of work. I've gone to the White House twice, because my Justice, liberty, and pursuit of happiness have been taken away from my family and me. Lastly, I have applied as a refugee to another country because of the surveillance. Silence I can't be silent. I see it day in and day out, the use of children and teens in the surveillance. Lately, the Goliath's are trying to play matchmaker. They are using teens around 16 or 17 of age to flirt with. This has happened on my last trips on the bus and train. On the train, the conductors and stewards knew about it. It's sad and upsetting. I keep reporting these events, but there’s no end to them. I know I'm upsetting a lot of law enforcement officers by telling them to do their job. I'm even putting my life at risk. I'm not looking to be awarded the "Noble Peace Award". The Lord is using me as a tool in order to free his Children. Hebrews 11:33,34 George Serrano P.S. I couldn't stay longer in Seattle, WA, because of the surveillance. Testimony 35 June 5, 2006 George Serrano Portland, Oregon More proof The F.B.I. has left a trail of witnesses with their misconduct. I have always said my mail has been intercepted and filtered. This is why important documents such as my birth certificate, I have never received. Some of my letters to the President of the United States, I have no knowledge if all of them got there. The witnesses to these events are the (P.O. Box ___) Woodinville, WA; (5518 212th SW) Mountlake Terrance, WA; and Sylmar, CA Postal employees. When going to the counter to do mailings, all the Postal clerks look me upon with sympathy and curiosity. They know and have seen the F.B.I. sorting through my mail. My e-mails are heavily filtered too. An agency such as the F.B.I. has the authority to do these types of schemes. A regular private agency can’t go into a Post Office and bribe it to see someone’s mail. Perhaps if it had the backing of the Feds. The F.B.I. can’t hide behind private agencies on this one. George Serrano Testimony 36 June 6, 2006 George Serrano California Who is the F.B.I.'s dynamic dual partner? What organizations have the privilege of working closely with them? The F.B.I. is supported and relies on it's intelligence too much by these organizations. Did this all start because I reported a crime committed by two individuals that turned out to be a U.S. Marshal and a D.A. Attorney in the Los Angeles Area, or because I reported that a Sheriff had made and organized attempts at my life? Could there be another reason? That reason being it would be much easier to incriminate or eliminate me, instead of prosecuting the real criminals with a badge and authority. The F.B.I. would also need to prosecute Government Agents and Officials who followed up on the domino affect cover up, including some of their own members. Wouldn't they have to do that? That would be to much work for them. The media would be all over it and possibly uncover more corruption committed by Law Officials. George Serrano Testimony 37 June 8, 2006 George Serrano Oakland, CA No credentials I am no one and I have nothing. God chose me to humble the great Federal Bureau of Investigation. A man with no credentials, no fame, no power, no money, or a even a college degree. I am a simple man who fears God and remembers his commandments. About face Last year I provided the F.B.I. pinpointing information that would lead them to the suspect nicknamed Mr. Smile. My sources relayed to me that the F.B.I. not only had identified him, but also had questioned the suspect. Instead of making arrests and working to spin the wheels of Justice, they sat on it. The F.B.I. did a complete U-turn. They started working with the U.S. Marshals in full force to incriminate and discredit me. Why did you do that F.B.I.? I came to you in a time of crisis, a time of need. I was sending SOS signals. Why? Was it because of the brotherhood, to protect them? Finish the job I'm here to do the job of the F.B.I.. I'm here in the Bay area to catch an attempted murderer with a badge running the streets. This same man whom I reported to the Mayor of Oakland, City Council Members and a local media outlet, a year ago. The clues I have to go by are these: * He was spotted in a patrol vehicle in the City of Berkley and City of Oakland areas as a Sheriff or Police Officer. * Was accompanied by an Asian-American female at the 19th Station BART. * A female Sheriff was aiding in the surveillance in Fremont, CA. * That same Sheriff coordinated surveillance activities when I stayed at the Motel 6 and went to the grocery store in front of the Motel in Fremont, CA. George Serrano Testimony 38 June 10, 2006 George Serrano Pacoima, CA Forward to F.B.I. Bitter/Sweet I'm back at home. I don't know if the law is with me or against me. I just know I have to be here, because my Lord has instructed me so. I will go forward and let the dead bury their dead. I'm not living in the past and I won't look back, least I become like you. You shall be delivered into my hand, as has been promised forty-three gray souls. Good/Evil Evil cannot exist on it's own. It has no roots. Evil is dependent upon good. When God forsakes someone or something it is already condemned and tormented. That's why you seek cling to the Lord and don't even know it. The Lord Jesus Christ has called upon you for redemption. I will not announce anymore plagues. Turning the tables You follow me into the bathrooms, announce my arrival when eating out, you wish for me to name various businesses involved by you in the surveillance activities and to make flooded reports to the media. You are the one behind the poisonings. You supply it and for some reason businesses agree to use it on me. Twins I was at a Mall in Portland, Oregon. The Mall was by the Loyd Park Train Station. I went in to the men's bathroom and I saw a man with a small female child behind a toilet stall. I didn't see anything wrong, he was helping her use the toilet. I proceeded to go and use a urinal. As I used the urinal, I heard behind me the man small child over at the sink. He was helping her wash her hands. I finished using the urinal, zipped up. Then I turned to see the child was alone now. The man had purposely left his child alone with me in the bathroom. I left the bathroom to search for the man. He was outside pretending to look for his small child that he had left behind. He had another almost identical child by his side. I looked at him and I knew he left his child behind on purpose for a possible set-up scheme. The Mall security was in on it too, so a higher authority such as the F.B.I. had to have given its blessings. I request that the Mall security video by the bathroom entrance be reviewed during the few days I was in Portland, Oregon. George Serrano Testimony 39 June 12, 2006 George Serrano North Hollywood, CA Ten years from now The F.B.I. will have lost its honor if it continues to intentionally incriminate civilians. In order to achieve its agenda it must practice ethical and honorable methods. The F.B.I. uses it's aura prestige when dealing with the public. Without those they are just two guys in suits, badges and maybe even a manicure. Their aura prestige will be erased with it's current character and conduct. I'd suggest to them not to give up and throw the rulebook out the window. Stop putting criminals on their exempted list from the law. Stop using the exempted ones to set-up regular citizens. Lately, the F.B.I. has been regularly using teenagers to ask me if I use drugs. Ten years from now, I see myself serving the Lord as I do now. I see myself building a Holy Temple, serving as a political prisoner, or leading a city to greatness as Mayor where the Manna still rains down from the Heavens almost on a daily basis. I.B.F. (Internal comBustion Failure) For the Future, when addressing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I will address it in reverse. The I.B.F. has it's gears in reverse and is working against the publics interest. The I.B.F. organization work with special interest groups to wreck their enemies’ life’s financially, imprison them, and in my case have made attempts at my life. The victims are regular people like you and me. Some are in prison or in financial chaos and aren't aware that they have been victims. This is a major burden for taxpayers, because if a person is taken down to live in poverty or imprisoned, either way, they will be dependent upon Government services and resources for daily living expenses. A person placed on food stamps, public housing, welfare, receiving financial aid, or who is provided basic services in prison are examples. The regular Joe taxpayer will be flipping the bill for this individual life being sabotaged. Personal Call it what you will, but wherever I go to lay to rest, I call home. My friend, who's an I.B.F. informant against me in Pacoima, CA, told me some time ago that my rabbit (Stu) was ill or worse. I don't know if it was a set-up to get me back in Pacoima or not. Next Testimony Every tenth Testimony, I like to reveal some explosive news. Testimony 40 will be the biggest. I will reveal and prove the connection between special interest groups and the I.B.F.. For those like me who don't have a college degree, I will break it down. It will be "Elementary my dear I.B.F.". The I.B.F. has its hand in the cookie jar and will be caught red handed. Psalm 140 A Psalm of David George Serrano Testimony Forty June 16, 2006 George Serrano Pacoima, CA Seventy pages and two years ago our leaders officially had no knowledge. They hadn’t seen the green pastures were no more. The clear blue skies and the clouds filled with rain are no more. My enemies had risen against me their ways of destruction. They break up my path and promote calamity. They spoil my success. My plight is not recognized. I am not answered. I have taken my case to the highest authority, the Heavens. His judgements, his timing is perfect. I seek destruction for the wicked and disaster for the workers of iniquity. I am detaining the I.B.F (F.B.I. in reverse). I am relieving them of their duty. The I.B.F. clan serves another master, the all mighty dollar. They have failed Children, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, the Poor, and myself. A year ago again on my own, going down the only road I’ve ever known The summer went by without an official response from the I.B.F.. They were on the case all right. The I.B.F. was working overtime on taxpayer money trying to find me doing something wrong. They had joined forces with the U.S. Marshals, as if the Marshals needed help. It was the worst of times. After I made the trip to Seattle, Washington in June, I mailed a report about being followed up there. The ride was full of adventures. I knew I wasn’t going to lose whatever organizations following me. I took the back way routes. Drove the width and length of California just to make sure I was being followed. The Feds surrounded me everywhere in Seattle. Their dynamic dual partners work hand and hand with the law authorities. They do the grunt work and take the risks that I.B.F. agents won’t. If they are caught doing something illegal while conducting I.B.F. business, they are taken care of and avoid being charged. In some cases when criminal charges can’t be avoided, they are without worries because later on the Feds will fix it for them. The I.B.F.Os favorite operators are people that can’t be traced, such as non-citizens who can slip in and out of the country without a record of them. I was involved in a car accident with such an individual. He had no drivers’ license, appeared to be drunk, and when I called the Los Angeles Police Foothill Division to report it nobody showed up. Later on I saw him participating in the surveillance activities. He is a member of the surveillance entourage that is if the I.B.F. still has him in the country. I.B.F. agents were pretending to be homeless and joined me while staying at the shelter in Seattle. The Mission was mostly full and some of the real homeless people got left out in the cold. It wasn’t good enough for them to see me homeless. I.B.F. agents illegally searched my backpack on a nightly basis. They didn’t care about any witnesses there, because we were homeless, powerless and no one would ever care about our testimonies. I.B.F. agents went through my backpack like a bunch of jackals on a binge while I took showers at the Mission. I was prepared for it. I placed a mock wallet and kept the real one with me at all times. I was working as a temporary employee through Labor Ready in Woodinville, WA. In December, the company I was working with hired me on a full-time basis and gave me a nice pay raise. The night before I got hired, the Feds were up to something. The broken record tactic (see previous testimonies) was being used left and right. I.B.F. Agents were also asking me for spare change that night, I guess because they are underpaid or need a change machine at the Bureau. To this day I’m constantly asked for change. Even if I’m in rags sitting at a park bench some nicely dressed person will ask me for some change. “Why won’t you speak to me? You speak to me with silence”, to I.B.F. Where am I going with these events? In my previous testimony (#39), I promised to prove reveal the relationship and connection between the I.B.F., U.S. Marshals, and their dynamic dual partners. First, I have to prove that I gave notice two years ago to Civil Representative and Law Enforcement Agencies that I was being harassed, my privacy was being invaded, intimidation tactics used on me, breaking entering of the automobiles I use, setting of tracking listening devices where I dwell. Most importantly that I am a witness of child abuse and attempts at my life. Secondly, I have to reveal that Civil Law Enforcement agencies sat on the wheels of justice and that Government Officials relayed the message to them, but were silenced by the I.B.F.. If any investigating was done, Civil Law Enforcement agencies conveniently looked the other way at the evidence, clues, and leads. Does the I.B.F. want me to mention over 15 different Government representatives and agencies that would validate my claim about making reports to them a year ago? The same way that the I.B.F. has been encouraging me to report business names? The I.B.F. supply their poisons to businesses to use on me and participate in surveillance activities. The evidence that proves and reveals the I.B.F.’s involvement and responsibility is simple. Their own counsel or lack of shall testify against them. Silence convicts them. The I.B.F. has no excuse. If they claim that they had no knowledge, Government officials would know otherwise. George Serrano P.S. Stop holding the U.S. Presidents mail and my birth certificate too.

Monday, July 24, 2006

God Continues to Punish People of Queens and Astoria

The people of Astoria, Queens, despite their propensity for blessing random infants that they pass by, have been taught a cruel, harsh lesson by a vengeful God.
At left, a manhole in Queens, cracking open a portal to hell, burst open, flooding Astoria with demons and providing the only nighttime light its citizens have seen in more than a week.

Finding the root cause of the city's longest blackout in decades isn't proving easy for Con Edison. Some of the cables, which carried much of the burden for Queens, overloaded, again plunging customers back in the dark.

Local Greek Orthodox priests have yet to be asked for their opinion or help in solving the power crisis, but Fr. Kostas Liosatos thinks it's a matter of time before ConEd seeks a more spiritual solution to the blackouts.

Here's the reaction of a typical Astoria resident: "I went to the store to buy everything and stacking it in the refrigerator and the power went out. So the $278 dollars in food stamps are all gone," resident Deborah Doyle said.

As is typical of New Yorkers, Astoria residents are a childlike, helpless people, prone to outbursts of profanity and the wearing of gaudy gold chains, which they believe pleases the Gods.

"Con Ed says they're only gonna give us seven thousand dollars ... I don't think it's fair. I think we deserve more than that. Who's going to pay for our rent?" a Queens business owner said.

The darkness in the town has led to a rapid uprising of cargo cults and messianic movements, whose adherents claim the End Times have arrived. Golden Idols to various Wayans family members can be seen lining Ditmars with worshippers leaving offerings throughout the long night.

"The TV don't work, the VCR don't work ... you can't cook, you can't do nothing especially after week of very bad rain ... there's no light, you don't know what you are doing go crazy," a resident said.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Fu Gashi

This is what I have been eating. Brown Japanese logs
that don't look nearly as delicious in real life as they do in my picture.

The same place also serves toasted ravioli, pork buns and a car that cleans my desk through a complex series of brushes. I will never have to step foot inside a 7-11 again.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jollibee Sunday! Possibly our last Jollibee post EVER.

(Actual Jollilbee ad copy):
The Premium Indulgences of Sam Milby

He's one of tinsel town's fastest rising young stars today. And there's just no stopping him. Less than a year after his stint in the reality show that catapulted him to stardom, Sam Milby has come to be one of the biggest and busiest heartthrobs in the Philippine entertainment scene today. With a couple of regular TV shows every week, countless appearances in shows here in even abroad, and a telerserye in the works, Sam definitely has his calendar full. But he's not complaining.

Even during his free time, the singer-actor takes up workshops in voice, guitar or acting to further hone his talents. But that isn't to say that he doesn't find time to kick back, relax and reward himself. Sam takes the time out to indulge himself with good things such as Jollibee's Yumburger Premium Amazing Aloha and Cheezy Bacon Extreme. They are unique and langhap-sarap burgers with a variety of fresh, delectable and generous toppings. The Amazing Aloha has a sweet and refreshing pineapple twist. It is a combination of langhap-sarap, juicy patties made from 100% pure beef topped with cheese, fresh lettuce, a succulent pineapple ring and crispy bacon strips. On the other hand, Cheezy Bacon Extreme is oozing with creamy cheese and loaded with mushroom, lettuce, tomato, and crispy bacon strips. No wonder Sam can't get enough of both burgers.

"I'm actually torn between the Amazing Aloha and Cheezy Bacon Extreme burgers. The pineapple in the Amazing Aloha adds such a tangy twist, it really complements the burger. But I love, cheese and mushrooms too so I also love Cheezy Bacon Extreme. They're both absolutely superb," Sam confessed.

That says a lot about the Jollibee Yumburger Premium, especially since it comes from someone who's a burger connoisseur of sorts. Back in the US, his first job had him surrounded by burgers of all varieties for long hours. He also admits to having been such a burger fan since high school.

Another interesting bit of trivia is that this isn't the first time for Sam to do a television commercial for Jollibee. He was a talent in a Jollibee TVC almost a year ago before he became a housemate. Now, he's not just a talent but a Jollibee endorser who's joining the elite ranks of Aga Muhlach, Donna Cruz, Sarah Geronimo and Mark Bautista.

"It's an extreme honor and privilege to be part of the Jollibee family and be in the company of big names like Aga Muhlach. I'm really thankful for this one-of-a-kind chance to represent the number one fast food in the Philippines," he said.

Jollibee, for their part, is equally thrilled about Sam's new role as the latest Jollibee endorser.

"Sam is obviously one of the most talented and hardest working young stars today. He is very passionate about his work and has an immense drive to succeed. Sam best embodies today's breed of young working adults who deserve life's best rewards like Yumburger Premium," said Jollibee VP for Marketing Inez Reyes.

And this new-formed partnership with the largest fast food brand in the country is just a preview of bigger things to come. As Sam continues to make a name for himself as a serious actor, a musician and a certified star, there will be more and more reasons to celebrate simple victories and indulge in the many good things life has to offer like Jollibee Yumburger Premium.

-I'm tired of Jollibee. Their food is awful. Also, I've found a brand new Asian food chain invading the US. I'm still trying to wrap my head around their byzantine corporate structure and powerpoint presentations, but more soon.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Techno-Industrial Flags of the World Part 2: Sisters of Mercy in the Holy Land

Angola is techno-industrial night. $2 cover


Monday, July 17, 2006

Things I'm Glad I Didn't Buy, in Retrospect

  • The hookah
  • Colecovision
  • The framed Darth Vader poster
  • The more expensive ring
  • The tuna salad
  • The pet goat
  • The fourth glass of wine at the Edendale Grill
  • The scooter
  • Tickets for the rock show
  • The sword
  • The season pass

Our Favorite Hobos: Layering

95 degrees of oppressive heat at 12:15 pm?
Bah. Sunstroke is for the weak.
It's still all about layering for today's fashionable man/woman on the street. I say "man/woman" because I had no idea what sex it was. Let's start at the top: Two hats! And, naturally, a well placed hood in between those, which, when paired with the sunglasses, gives a kind of retro Unabomber feel. Scarf wrapped tight about the neck three times. plaid shirt unbuttoned, jacket, at least 2 shirts under that; one of which had the aforementioned hood. All the color of filth, so none of it clashed.

Pants - I couldn't examine too closely, but it appeared to be only a single pair of beige corduroys. A little disappointing she/he hadn't tried to pull a pair of long underwear or leg warmers up over them. The shoes were more like exploded smoked brisket; black and tattered, never revealing a bit of skin. Project Runway, meet Project Runaway.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ninki-Nanka Stalks People of Gambia. Kills All Who See It (Except those with Islamic Herbs)

A team of UK dragon-hunters is on an expedition in The Gambia to track down a mysterious creature known locally as the "Ninki-nanka".
Believed to live in swamps, the ninki-nanka appears in the folklore of many parts of West Africa. It is described as having a horse-like face, a long body with mirror-like scales and a crest of skin on its head. Team leader Richard Freeman told the BBC, evidence so far was sketchy as most people died soon after seeing it.

Second-hand accounts varied wildly from it looking like a crocodile or a snake to having wings and spitting fire, he said.
A park ranger from the Kiang West National Park who lived to tell the tale of his encounter three years ago described an immense animal 50 metres long by one metre wide that he watched for more than an hour before being taken ill.

He put down his survival down to a herbal potion given to him by an Islamic holy man, Mr Freeman said.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Yesterday's menu

Breakfast: Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich; coffee

Lunch: 1 bottle Orangina; 1 Snickers "mini"

Dinner: Ice cream

My new favorite hobo

Everytime I go home late the same hobo is performing on the subway platform and he's fantastic. I know what you're going to say, "yeah, I used to see this awesome Jamaican hobo who played a mean steel drum", or "I used to work for a record label that exclusively featured blues-playing hobos". THis guy sets himself apart from the crowd by having absolutely no skills whatsoever. Let me set the scene for you. He's somewhat elderly, perhaps 65, close cropped grey hair. Always wears a not-to-shabby, but slightly overzised white t-shirt and jeans inexplicably rolled up to mid-calf. Instument of choice: the harmonica. Basically he hold the harmonic up to his mouth and breathes in and out of it while doing sort of a sideways shimmy with his feet. No attempt is made to play different notes or even pretend like he knows what he is doing. Just in-out in-out, shimmy-shimmy shimmy shimmy. He plays constantly. I have never seen him stop, and sometimes at that hour I have to wait about 15 minutes for a train. I have also never seen anyone give him any money.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chicken Lays Mystery Allah Egg

ALMATY (Reuters) - A chicken in a Kazakh village has laid an egg with the word "Allah" inscribed on its shell, state media reported Thursday.

"Our mosque confirmed that it says 'Allah' in Arabic," Bites Amantayeva, a farmer from the village of Stepnoi in eastern Kazakhstan, told state news agency Kazinform.

"We'll keep this egg and we don't think it'll go bad."

The news agency said the egg was laid just after a powerful hail storm hit the village.

Kazakhstan is a large, thinly populated Central Asian state where Sunni Islam is a dominant religion.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And lo, I say unto thee, get thyself an energy trading corporation and make millions for thyself while also ruining the lives of millions

CNN-At a memorial for dead rich man Ken Lay today, many other rich people gathered to hear the Reverend Dr. Bill Lawson compare Lay with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ. Lay faced decades in prison for fraud and conspiracy when he died in Aspen last week. Among theose who had come to pay their last respects to a crook who defrauded his scomapny and employees of millions: fromer president George H.W. Bush and former secretary of state James Baker.

In a related story, Jesus is apparently unable to stop throwing up.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gilmour victorious!

After a decades- long battle, David Gilmour has finally triumphed over Syd Barrett. Barrett, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd was deposed by Gilmour in a bloodless coup during the late 1960's. Upon leaving Pink Floyd Barrett went on to pursue other interests including not brushing his teeth and consuming large amounts of food. He lived with his mother and was fond of bicycling.

Surviving members of Pink Floyd siad they were saddened by Barrett's passing and vowed to play a trbute show featuring all the songs from the "Momentary Lapse of Reason" album.
the madcap laughs

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Malawi Today: Malawi must Close the Witchcraft gap with Zimbabwe!

BBC - In Malawi, some government ministers are pushing for witchcraft to be accepted under the constitution. Zimbabwe has lifted the ban on the practice of witchcraft, repealing colonial-era legislation that made it a crime to accuse someone of being a witch or wizard.

BBC asked people: Do you believe in witchcraft? Is witchcraft part of your life? Are you a witch or a wizard? Please tell us any witchcraft stories.

Real witches or wizards do not hide that they are such! The only sad part is they cause a lot of fear in people of its secrecy.
Noel Sichivula, Lusaka, Zambia

Witchcraft is a true thing in my society. A witch is simply an evil person aiming to destroy other people's lives spiritually. Witchcraft should not be recognised in any form as it is not good within the society. -Yero Sam, Bansang, The Gambia

Witchcraft exists worldwide in all societies and cultures. There are two kinds: white and black witchcrafts. White is when it is used for good purposes and black is the reverse. It should be left up to every government and its citizens to decide what type suits them the most. -Thomas Doharty, Hamburg, Germany

I have to laugh when someone asks me whether I believe in witchcraft. It's like asking whether I believe in atoms or x-rays or that the Earth is round. I am a Wiccan that practices magic for personal growth and knowledge so that I may better the world around me. Magic is indeed real, and those who say otherwise just haven't studied magic or been around the right people. There is no such thing as "the supernatural", nothing is above nature. -Richard Brownbear, Wilkes, U.S.A.

Witchcraft is a barbaric art and it should be abolished by all democratic nations. As a man of God I do not see it necessary to even practice witchcraft in modern society or even primitive society. -Mohammed Konneh, Monrovia, Liberia

Witchcraft is like a religion. So many people believe in it. I would not say bad things about the entire practice because there are good sides and bad sides of it. Witchcraft has the same value any other religion has. -Stanley Ian Hawk, Nigeria

Back in my home in Sierra Leone, we know witches to be bad people. I now wonder, after hearing about Zimbabwe whether they are capable of doing good. The worst thing is that witches exist in your family, and that member of your family who is a witch is the first person to harm you and see that nothing goes well for you. -Malvis Sannah, Old Jeshwang, Gambia

A cousin of mine cast spells on her brothers and sisters when she was 9 years old, and the spell is still working up on today. - Olayinka Olorntuyi, London, England

When some witches in my community were known to be the cause of less-infrastructural development in my village, they were all rounded up and killed in the market-square. Even the Bible detests witchcraft practise. Read Leviticus 20:27. -Bob Eshikena, Asaba, Nigeria

Even God in the bible Exodus 22:18 said "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live¿. In my community if you are caught, you are given the jungle justice, which is death -Jacob Ekele, Kogi, Nigeria

All people who have practised witchcraft will burn in Hell as indicated by the Bible. They may be able to do some wonders and magic but the raging fires of hell are ready for them. -Apenisa, Baghdad, Iraq

Keep away from poison and witchcraft becomes completely useless. After all, if it counts for anything, at least an African team would have won the World Cup. -Emeka Obiodu

Book larnin'

One-third of the books sold worldwide are sold in the US.
A successful fiction book sells 5,000 copies.
Only 100 stores joined the ABA (American Booksellers Assoc.) in 2001 while 250-300 stores closed. Membership is now less than 2,200.
California has 6X the number of small publishers than any other state.
Libraries lose 20% of their books each year. Some books get past the security devices and others are just not returned.
81% of the population feels they have a book inside them.
Out of every 10,000 children's books, 3 get published.
58% of the US adult population never reads another book after high school.
42% of college graduates never read another book.
80% of US families did not buy or read a book last year.
70% of US adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years.
Most readers do not get past page 18 in a book they have purchased.
Only 32% of the U.S. population has ever been in a bookstore.
"Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half have never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half." --Gore Vidal

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Daily fantasy art

Ken Lay is in Heaven Now

"I firmly believe I'm innocent of the charges against me," Ken Lay said following the hearing, where he was found guilty of every single count. "We believe that God in fact is in control and indeed he does work all things for good for those who love the lord."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Go Heavy with the New Jollibee Super Meal Combo

(as always, actual Jollibee ad copy): Client call, working lunch, business presentation? These are familiar phrases that keeps you always on the go. Having a busy schedule means you accomplish a lot of things. They boost your morale but they also drain your energy. Though a quick bite is one means to recharge along the way, it is not filling enough to sustain you throughout the day. Wouldn't you want to crave for a complete, all-in-one, value-for-money meal that can fully satisfy your palate? If it's the only thing that can bring you to smile amidst a hectic day, then go grab a Jollibee Super Meal and enjoy your favorite langhap-sarap food in one big meal.

Ever since Jollibee came out with its Super Meal, loyal patrons can't help but line up at their nearest Jollibee store during meal time to avail of this hearty meal. Now, Jollibee Super Meal is made even better with the addition of Crispy Bangus Belly and Spicy Chickenjoy combo.

Jollibee Super Meals come with a complete meal! For Super Meal #1 it is a juicy serving of one-piece Burger Steak along with a mound of rice, delectable fruit salad, corn and carrots, a choice of your favorite noodle product: Jolly Spaghetti or Palabok Special for only P84.00 while Super Meal # 2 is a delicious two-piece Crispy Chicken Strips and the complete package for only P94.00. Super Meal #3 is with the rice, fruit salad, side dish, Jolly Spaghetti or Palabok Special, and a choice between a piece of a crispylicious Chickenjoy and a mouthwatering new Spicy Chickenjoy for only P104.00

Super Meal #4 brings you the scrumptious Crispy Bangus Belly along with Palabok Special, two-piece tomatoes, fruit salad and rice at only P124. This is surely one meal that can invigorate you and can pump back that needed adrenalin into your system.

We understand that many office goers who are determined and industrious are focused so much on their job that they sometimes can't help but feel drained by the middle of the day. Our customers deserve a great meal during their break or after a hardworking day and the Super Meal is something that they can always count on to revitalize their energy. We even want to widen their choices as we include the new Spicy Chickenjoy and the Crispy Bangus Belly in our Super Meal line-up, says Inez Reyes, Jollibee Foods Corporation VP for Marketing.

Despite a demanding routine you go through, there's always one thing to look forward to every working day and that is to spend a satisfying meal with Jollibee Super Meals that has everything to keep you going. Get your colleagues to a lunch out or a group dinner at your nearest Jollibee store or dial 8-7000 for delivery and enjoy your favorite Super Meal in the comforts of your office. With Jollibee Super Meals, you can cap your day with a big smile and a satisfied look on your face.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Great Leap Forward

Witchcraft ban ends in Zimbabwe

BBC - Zimbabwe has unbanned the practice of witchcraft, repealing legislation dating back to colonial rule. The government acknowledges that supernatural powers exists - but prohibits the use of magic to cause someone harm.

In 1899, colonial settlers made it a crime to accuse someone of being a witch or wizard - wary of the witch hunts in Europe a few centuries earlier which saw many people burned at the stake after such accusations.

But to most Zimbabweans, it has been absurd to say that the supernatural does not exist.

Alfred, for example, believes that he was bewitched at work some years ago, making him partly bald. He described how after supper one evening as he and his wife were retiring to bed his hair disappeared.

"When my wife looked at me and said, 'What happened to your hair? Where's it gone?' He spent seven months visiting traditional healers to make it grow back. "She made some incisions round the bald patch, put some powdery muti (medicine) and lo and behold within a few day the hair had grown."

The new law legitimises many practices including rolling bones to foretell the future, divination, and communicating with the dead.

Professor Claude Mararikei (left) - a sociologist and the chairman of Zimbabwe's Traditional Medical Practitioner's Council - argues that witchcraft has some positive benefits in the modern world.

He cites the example of a man who stole some bewitched cement that became stuck to the thief's shoulders so he could not remove the bag.

The church in Zimbabwe has always believed that witchcraft exists, but it has been careful to establish the source of such supernatural powers.

"As Christians we've got to recognise that supernatural forces are good if they originate from God - now witchcraft is one of the things that originates from the Satanic world," says Reverend Roy Musasiwa who runs a theological college in the capital, Harare.

The new Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act will demand proof that a person has supernatural powers and that they are using them to harm others. "It's not going to be easy task," says Custom Kachambwa, a judge with years of experience in the legal field.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

NBA Player Watching Porn, Drunk Before Crash

On March 30, Minnesota Timberwolves center Eddie Griffin was drunk and masturbating when he crashed his luxury SUV into a parked Suburban outside a store in Minneapolis, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by the man whose Suburban was hit in the crash. Several of the 911 callers that night said Griffin was drunk. One witness said Griffin told him he was watching pornography in a DVD player mounted on the dashboard of his Cadillac Escalade SUV when he struck a Chevy Suburban parked on University Avenue Southeast.

Abed Hassuneh, who is the brother of the victim, said Griffin told him, "That he was masturbating himself going down that street. That's how the accident happened because he was not paying attention. He's paying attention to that video and all of a sudden he's shoveled somebody's car on the top of the sidewalk."

In the video, Griffin can be heard pleading with witnesses to not call police saying, "I can't go to jail." The video also shows Griffin admitting he is drunk and doesn't have a driver's license. When he was interviewed by reporters after the crash happened, he said he had dropped his cell phone as he drove.