Friday, June 29, 2007

new toilet, streets,

Mayor McMurder Mouse:

Downtown: Neon churches,

Mexican wrestling,
That's Dirty Sanchez. He won his match, but lost his pants.

The Crazy Chickens, and the Mini-Chicken

Michelle l'Amour

Hey, there's a new public toilet next to the subway! It looks fancy, like we're pissing in Paris



From BelieversWeb: Have you ever seen a live dinosaur at the zoo? [no] The dinosaurs have all died, or become extinct as far as we know. If you could change the world, would you bring back the dinosaurs? Some movies try to tell us that humans evolved from non-living stuff. That has never been observed. They pretend to make dinosaurs from dead tissue. That has never been done.

God created us in the beginning. In fact, Jesus created all creatures, including the dinosaurs. The Bible speaks of God creating gigantic beasts and huge sea creatures in one of its oldest books, the Book of Job. We know these creatures really lived at one time because we found their fossils. Fossils are what is left in the dirt. The dinosaurs were taken on Noah's ark, but they could not adapt to the new world after the flood. After many years (perhaps a thousand), they all died off.

We also know that dinosaurs lived after the flood, because the Book of Job was written after the flood and it describes two creatures in particular.

The Bible says God made the dinosaurs with man. They both lived peaceably, side-by-side, and were vegetarians. Neither man nor the animals were meat-eaters until after the flood. The terrible T-Rex may have become a meat-eater after the flood (and God's curse on the ground). The dinosaurs didn't live for millions of years before man as evolution says. Dinosaurs have never ruled the earth; mankind was given that task by God.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Bacon bait-and-switch at LGA

How are we eating our bacon today?

Not as advertised on the menu at the Ciba Cafe and Wine Bar at New York's Laguardia Airport, that's how. The menu offers a grilled tuna and pancetta BLT. Not your standard bacon fare, but intiriguing, and being the game fellow I am I decided to give it a go. Upon arrival the sandwich was quite pleasing. Tuna steak quite rare, fresh tomato and lettuce, garlic mayonnaise, fresh sourdough bread. Altogether very promising. However, when I lifted the bread to have a look, who's inside? Not Mr. Pancetta, but regular old streaky bacon! Imagine my surprise! Not what the doctor ordered indeed! Of course everything ended well since regular bacon actually made the sandwich much better than that Mario Batali crap.

hello shitty

It's been a while since I posted anything here, primarily due to my forcible detention in the Niger Delta. However, I am back with the answer to a question that I am sure has been plaguing many of your for a long time: How many different times can I stand in cat shit outside my house within a ten minute period before really losing it?

The answer: two.

This of course resulted in two different pairs of shoes getting shitified.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Highland Park Car Show part one