Sunday, July 31, 2005

Yarrr! Avast landlubbers.

I like a good pirate as much as the next man, but pirates are receiving dangerous levels of over exposure these days. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has an ironic pirate joke to tell, a funny ha ha blog post about pirates, or pirate themed party he has hosted. All this talk of "shiver me timbers", peg legs, and jolly rogers makes it easy to forget that there are real pirates out there. Men and women just like you and me who put in an honest days work for an honest day's pay. These pirates could be your next door neighbor, your sister, or your old college roomate. Well, unless you live in a small island shanty-town in southeast asia, maybe not, But that's not th point. The point is pirates are out there and they are tough. 50-Cent may have ripped off a car or two and gotten shot in the face, but did he ever hijack a 700 foot freighter, get it repainted, and sell it on the black market? I don't think so.

Companies turn to private navies to combat pirates of the Malacca Strait

Waterway is now so dangerous, Lloyd’s classifies it as a warzone.


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