Thursday, August 11, 2005

Handy-Dandy Guide to the Stupidity of Various Cults on Science
From NPR: "At its extremes, the current debate over teaching Darwin's theory of evolution pits science against religion, with the scientific community nearly unanimous in its faith in Darwin and equal certainty about divine intervention by many of deep religious faith. Taking Issue asks religious leaders what their faith tells them about the shaping of life and whether it can be reconciled with evolution."

NPR is not condoning rational science over superstition - too bad. But in case anyone thinks they can support proper education and also delude themselves that their soul will live for eternity in a mansion created by a god, surrounded by angels instead of rotting in the ground, well: surprise! Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics: Different shades of delusion. My favorite: "Evolutionary theory stands at the base of moral relativism and the rejection of traditional morality."

Equating religion with morality is the oldest trick in the book. And one that couldnt be further from the truth, if you look at the proud history of religious thought and action. Believing God is on your side has led to the most morally reprehensible action humans have ever taken. And it continues today.


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