Wednesday, August 10, 2005

How you eating your bacon?

Ahh the BLT. Perhaps the king of the "2-slice of bread" sandwiches? Being in California, I adorned my BLT with some local flavor: Avocado (the fattiest of all non-tempuraed veggies) and sprouts. Also onions. The shop - Ponchik's on Hollywood Blvd. - specializes in three things: rude service, overcharging me, and delivering awful saran-wrapped celery and carrot sticks; though I never remember just how awful until I get them again.

The bacon was broken up a little too much, but was thickly sliced, very meaty, and salty. I asked for very light mayo - and they actually did just that.

Overall, it was fine. Not the best bacon - or the best BLT - but certainly good in a pinch.


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