Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How You Eating Your Bacon?

Well, first off, WHERE you eating your bacon? Tucson Arizona, where the temperature was a balmy 103. It's always exciting to realize that simply being outside in the sun will kill you in many parts of the United States. It will blind you, burn you, suck the water out of your body until it shuts down. Then you soul goes to heaven for eternity.

So yeah - a little warm. Still, an air-conditioned car-ride to a restaurant, a request to be moved to a quieter part of said restaurant, and a bottle of Syrrah later, and I was set to examine the menu.

Bacon goes very well with spinach salad. So I went for the spinach salad with bacon, strip steak, red onions, red peppers, blue cheese, and a vinagrette dressing. Despite the absence of the promised red onions, it was still very good, had lots of crisp thick bacons abounding through the greenery, with enough heartiness to stand up to the dressing. Delicious.


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