Sunday, August 07, 2005

Weekend Bacon

Note: photo for illustrative purposes only.

Sure, Jolibee macaroni soup has ham, but that's hardly bacon now is it?

Sunday bacon: Thick-sliced maple smoked bacon, wrapped around a 1/2 lb center cut filet mignon. Sauteed in butter, cooked rare, and simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Finished with a red wine-balsamic vinegar-brown sugar reduction. Served with garlic sugar-snap peas and old-timey baked potato (rubbed with sea salt). Being thick sliced, the bacon (though thoroughly cooked) remained soft and chewy. It absorbed some of the beef flavor from the filet, but also infused the steak with a delicious smoky taste. All this while also sealing in the all-important "juices" of the filet. Hard to beat. Washed down with 3/4 bottle of claret.


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