Sunday, August 07, 2005

Where is Udo Kier today?

Excellent photos of German Actors and Directors - part one.
It occured to me this morning as I awoke from a dream where a man was fueling his stove with a torrent of live opposums, that I haven't seen Udo Kier in a while.

It worries me. Udo used to be as ubiquitous as the Hollywood sign or a drunken hack with a jawline and a 5 o clock shadow dressed as Batman on Hollywood Blvd. In fact, when people would come to visit, it would be a regular stop on the tour: "Let's go hang out at the Red Lion until Udo shows up. You know, to see if he's wearing a hat today." Udo still wears proper hats in public.

Or he did... I havent seen him in a coon's age, and frankly, I'm a little worried. Has he fallen down a well? Been called to a secret meeting inBolivia? No one knows.

So if anyone has seen Udo recently - I'm thinking particularly in Toronto or the Basque territories of Iberia - please post a note and let us know.


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