Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Barbecue...and bacon?!?!?! Whaa???

The activities of the Lord Humungous, Master/Blaster, Snake Pliskin, and COBRA have distracted us from bacon related news items recently. Yet an unprecedented event in the bacon world has made us stand up and pay attention. When the average person talks about fusion cuisone they are usually talking about something like deep fried sushi or orstrich with pine nuts, truffle oil and molasses in a hot chocolate demi-glace. That's all well and good, but how about a fusion of two of the most beloved of all cuisines: barbecue and bacon!
Barbecue+Bacon=Delicious! Take one pound thick sliced bacon, place on very hot bbq grill. Grilling imparts the bacon with a particularly delightful smoky taste, allows some of the grease to burn of (and fall onto the coals, burn, and increase the smokiness), and you even get grill marks. The bacon ends up firm, but not crispy. Best eaten on its own without any accompaniment to prevent any distraction from the bacon-ey flavor. Serves 1.


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