Friday, September 09, 2005

Bush declares day of prayer, fails to see irony

Obviously god hates our freedom, or he wouldn't have sent the hurricane to smite us.

(AFP) President George W. Bush declared September 16 a national day of prayer for Hurricane Katrina's victims, while his spokesman warned that the death toll would be "very ugly."

"We have many difficult days ahead, especially as we recover those who did not survive the storm," Bush said as he announced efforts to help the survivors, especially the hundreds of thousands left homeless.

"Throughout our history, in times of testing, Americans have come together, in prayer, to heal and ask for strength for the tasks ahead. So I've declared Friday, September the 16th, as a national day of prayer and remembrance," he said.

You know, if that fantastical superhero in the clouds did actually have a hand in what goes on here on earth, chances were he was trying to wipe out New Orleans. Prayers to the contrary will only make him more angry.

In related news, VP Cheney was told to go fuck himself. How you like me now punk!


Blogger Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Doesn't Bush realize?!


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