Monday, September 12, 2005

Jollibee Sunday! Palabok Fiesta!

From the Jollibee website: "Partake of our very own Filipino pasta. A serving of high-quality bihon noodles topped with a special pork-shrimp sauce, garnished with pork strips, shrimps, toasted garlic, flaked smoked fish, pork cracklings, and sliced eggs."

Now, I couldn't find a bigger picture of the Palabok Fiesta - and I might even go to Jollibee and order this so I can describe the smell to you, but to my mind, I don't know where that orange-y sauce comes in from the description. Is that the special pork-shrimp sauce? I don't think so. That's the brown stuff covering the pork strips and shrimps. It seems like there's a layer of smooth rich butterscotch topping on the high-quality bihon noodles. And that would truly be Food of the Gods.


Blogger Jules said...

the orange sauce is made up of eggyolks, shrimp stock, cornstarch, spices.... it's very savory and it's kind of an acquired taste....

good luck

3:48 AM  

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