Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Just like old times...

Old habits die hard at the Vatican. Particularly with Field Marshall Ratzinger at the helm.

War crimes chief accuses Vatican
The Vatican is helping Croatia's most wanted war crimes suspect evade capture, a top UN prosecutor alleges.

Carla del Ponte, chief prosecutor for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, has said she believes Gen Ante Gotovina is hiding in a monastery in Croatia.

Ms del Ponte's spokeswoman told the BBC News website that the Vatican had refused to help in the search for him, despite being in a position to do so.

A spokesman for the Croatian Catholic Church rejected the charges.

Said the pope: "First we're supposed to hide the jews. Then we're NOT supposed to hide the croatian war criminals... which is it?! Make up DEINE KOPF!! SIEG HEIL!"


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