Monday, September 19, 2005

Keep on rockin' in the tard world

Normally our street sightings at YPMTRGA are devoted to gentlemen of leisure, tramps, those of no fixed abode, and other such men of the road. However today I was fortunate to witness a fellow as deserving of attention as any down and out itinerant. As I passed the basketball court that is on my way to the train I could see already that this guy was different. He seemed to be about 25 years old or so and was vigorously engaged alternately standing straight up and bending as far forward at the waist as is humanly possible. His head reached to almost between his knees at the nadir of his swing. He was wearing a sweat shirt and very tight sweatpants, a combination that looks great on anyone, but especially good if you appear to be a mildly obese victim of fetal alcohol syndrome with a crewcut. The reason for his rapid movements was, apparently, the music being spirited to his ears by a circa 1985 cassette walkman. To show ho much he approved of whatever it was he was listening to our hero was loudly saying "NNNNNNNNNNNuh! NNNNNNNNNNNNuh!" without any rhythm or tempo and spraying copious amounts of mucous from his nose. Fuck ipods. All you need to have a good time is an old Boston tape, a set of cool duds, and severe brain impairment. Shine on you crazy diamond.


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