Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Scientists disturb one of the Great Old Ones from its slumber

In a move likely to bring ruination upon mankind, Japanese scientists have wakened one of the Great Old Ones from its slumber many fathoms below the sea. It is unlear which of the old ones was brought into this plane via the transdimensional portal created by the scientists, but photographs seem to indicate it was either Nyarrthlotepp or Shubniggurath. None of the researchers responsible for reawakening this most ancient of evils could be reached for comment, as just a glimpse of this crawling, retching abomination with tentacles for a face and hailing from the deepest pits of hell, has driven them all into gibbering insanity. Representatives from the Japanese government, though confronted with an event that could turn the entire earth into a nightmare world of non-Euclidian geometry, stated that they would endeavour to turn the great creeping thing from the depths into whale bacon.


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