Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More cuisine of Germany

OK, so the UK and Ireland pretty much have the whole excessive breakfast thing sewn up. Fried eggs, fried tomatos, fried bacon, fried mushrooms, fried sausage, fried chips, fried black pudding, fried white pudding, fried bread, and beans. However, the krauts don't like to be outdone in any field, so they have cleverly taken the English breakfast and turned it on its head. Eggy-wegs? Check. Chips? Check. Beans? Check.Bacon? In spades. Breakfast? Nein, mein freund! This culinary masterpiece is served for dinner (or late-night snack) in a smokey bar with a side of pilsner. Well done my friends. You truly are the master race...of bacon.

Stay tuned all this week for a cavalcade of bacon, courtesy of the Hun.


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