Friday, October 21, 2005

Upcoming backgammon tournaments

We seem to have completely neglected one of our favorite topics on the board. Until now. Playing backgammon for money. Here is the list of upcoming tournaments, and commentary. We'll post this regularly of course.

Oct 20........*Third Thursday Bonus (Minnesota Open), Flint, Michigan.810/232-9731 (Alas we already missed this one. Too bad - it was no doubt one of the highlights of the circuit. Flint is of course now 75% Arab. That means the backgammon playing will be at an intense and high level. Hookahs abound no doubt. And we assume a few people who got a little "too lucky" ended up with a scimitars at their throats.)

Oct 22........*Atlanta Fall Mini-Blitz, Mazzy's, Roswell, Georgia.....770/333-1876 (This one should be fairly easy pickings. It's Georgia after all. Any similarities between NASCAR racing and backgammon are strictly coninidental, and we highly recommend making it down there to take some money from the rubes.)

Oct 22........*BG By the Bay, Britannia Arms, Cupertino, California...831/688-9722 (aha, Apple money will be in full force. We assume that 90% of serious American backgammon players also use Apples; and that this will be one of the best played tourneys on the circuit. Betting here might get you APPL stock or a video ipod. ...though we do know one guy who used to work for Apple. And he's actually a prick. But we assume he also got fired. Possibly for being such a prick.)

Oct 23........*Flint Club Championships, Holiday Inn, Flint, Michigan.810/232-9731 (see above. High quality playing. Beautiful boards too we bet. Bring scimitars. And grow a beard to fit in.)

OCT 28-30.. ..*ABT: MINNESOTA OPEN, MYSTIC LAKE CASINO, PRIOR LAKE,MN.651/699-6758 (Is this near Lake Woebegone? If so, stay away. That guy keeps us from giving a cent to NPR. )

Nov 1.........*Arizona Monthly, Rosie McCaffrey's Pub, Phoenix, AZ....602/279-0215 (Hmm - Phoenix means old people. And old people often = poor gambling skills. If you have nothing against fleecing the elderly, we recommend you make the trip. They're probably playing 70s style gammon anyway - way too much on the defense.)


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