Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What Would Ernest Borgnine Do?

A huge earthquake has hit Pakistan. Tens of thousands are dead, many more injured and homeless: W.W.E.B.D.?

"I had a horse in Mexico one time that I rode. He was just bones when I got him. I started feeding him bread and everything else. I called him Bimbo after the bread down there. "Here Bimbo," and he'd come running. He knew me, God bless him. I often wondered what happened to him. "

You are President of the U.S. You have been elected one a half times. Now two of your closest strategists are about to be indicted on conspiracy charges for misleading the FBI on leaking the name of an undercover CIA agent as retaliation for uncovering lies about going to war with another country: W.W.E.B.D.?

"Oh, come on! You've got two scientific wizards here who could figure out the computers, and possibly even reprogram the robots. And the three of us can handle Reinhart and that pet monster of his. I tell ya... we could all be heroes. !" (The Black Hole)

Heroes indeed, Mr. Borgnine... heroes indeed.


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