Friday, October 14, 2005

What Would Roger Moore and Alec Guinness Do?

Trying to live your life by asking what Jesus would do in moral situations will just get you cowering in the street (Jesus – who lived 2000 years ago would be terrified by cars, unable to understand commerce, illiterate, etc. His mind would snap before you even explained the situation to him. At best he could offer antiquated advice on making repairs to your barn.)

So today we’ll ask birthday-boy Roger Moore and deceased actor (Jesus is dead too) Sir Alec Guinness what they’d do in the following conundrum. Please note, we are asking the actors themselves: Not the characters they played.

W.W.R.M.& A.G.D.?

CHINA: GUNMAN WOUNDS 16 IN SCHOOLYARD ATTACK: A middle-aged man with three homemade guns packed with gunpowder and shrapnel shot and wounded 16 children as they were doing their morning exercises at a primary school in eastern Anhui Province, the New China News Agency said. Two adults who tried to stop the shooting were also wounded. The gunman escaped. There have been a series of recent attacks on schools and schoolchildren around China.

RM: Oh dear. That sounds rather extreme.
AG: Frightfully so.
RM: …
AG: Tea?
RM: Please.


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