Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hobos We've Known

I saw a great hobo this morning.

He was black, had a beard, and was wearing a black plastic bag on his head.

Not just any black plastic bag - he had used tape to give the body of the bag structure around his head, and had pulled out a fine looking brim. The top of it was kind of flat, and it gleamed in the sun. In fact, from a distance I thought, "That hobo is wearing a silk top hat!" When I got closer it also reminded me of a stove-pipe hat.

He looked kind of like Abraham Lincoln, and kind of like a 1929 Wall Street millionaire whose fortune had been lost in the stock market crash. Either way, he resembled a true gentleman and brought a bit of class to the bus stop on Western & Hollywood Blvd. this morning.

If I wore a hat, I'd tip it to you good sir!


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