Wednesday, November 09, 2005

News Round-up

Nearly every country in the world joined on Tuesday to urge the United States to lift its four-decade old economic embargo against Cuba in a record U.N. General Assembly vote. The vote, held for the 14th consecutive year, was 182 to 4 with 1 abstention on a resolution calling for Washington to lift the U.S. trade, financial and travel embargo, particularly its provisions penalizing foreign firms. The five voting "no" were the United States, Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands. Micronesia abstained and El Salvador, Iraq, Nicaragua and Morocco did not vote.

At the risk of re-igniting the same heated nationwide debate it sparked six years ago, the Kansas Board of Education approved new public school science standards Tuesday that cast doubt on the theory of evolution. In addition, the board rewrote the definition of science, so that it is no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena.

A high school student opened fire Tuesday afternoon on a principal and two assistant principals, killing one of the men before a teacher wrestled his weapon away, the sheriff said.

The lawsuit, Strickland vs. Sony, was filed against retailers and publishers of the Grand Theft Auto series. Thompson had previously been representing the case's plaintiffs -- the families of a pair of police officers and a police dispatcher who were murdered by Devin Moore, who claimed that the GTA games helped "train" him to kill. Moore was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death.

A Nobel Prize-winning physicist was sentenced Monday to two years in prison for killing a man and injuring seven other people while going more than 100 mph in his sports car.


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