Thursday, November 17, 2005

Scientologists set their sites on Los Feliz - And Poor People!

One of my hobbies is finding religious material left for people to pick up, pick it all up, and then deposit it all straight into the rubbish bin.

This morning while walking to work I noticed a flier on a lamp post near my house which was not written in Spanish. You can imagine my surprise. Any flier not written in Spanish is usually to announce a yard sale or to find a lost dog (unless the dog is a chihuahua or a pit bull, in which it's written in Spanish again.)

This one was asking people to report Psychiatry Crimes Against Children. It also mentioned the "Citizens Commision on Human Rights" which is a front for the Scientology cult.

It's widely known that the Scientologists own a huge percentage of the real estate in Hollywood. They set up their e-meters in front of my hot dog stand all the time, and their hollow-headed minions walk about in their salior uniforms with the gleam of sci-fi salvation dancing in their eyes.

But lately they seem to have moved East from Hollywood and into my neighborhoods of Echo Park, Silverlake, and Los Feliz. They bought a nice building next to my preferred liquor mart, Cap'n Cork, and now they're posting fliers! Still, this wasn't in tony Los Feliz, this was on Santa Monica and Vermot - where English comes in 4th in spoken languages after Spanish, Filipno, and Korean. Still, ignore them now, and in no time they'll be collecting pesos from impressionable lottery-ticket buyers. The flier said to report "PSYCH CRIMES" to and to call them at 1-800-607-8174. I suggest you call them often whenever you have a quetion or see Brooke Shields taking Prozac.


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