Sunday, December 04, 2005

"Ah've bin to Iverness in Feb'ry. If tha' no be 'Ell, I dinnae ken what is"

Up to a third of Scottish churchmen believe in hell, according to a survey.

BBC News A study into the beliefs of clergy was conducted by Eric Stoddart, a lecturer in Practical Theology at the St Andrews University School of Divinity.

It would involve people being separated into the "saved" and the "lost".

He said the majority of clergy in the Highlands and Western Isles, believed more strongly in the idea of hell. However, in east Scotland, where there is a larger range of beliefs, only a small proportion believed in damnation.

One third of those surveyed believed Judgement Day would involve "eternal mental anguish in hell", while a fifth believed such a fate would include "eternal physical torment".

The analysis also found other interpretations of "lost", such as people without specific Christian beliefs or those who drank alcohol.

Crikey! That's us, that is!

I assumed most Scottish people still burned The Wicker Man to ensure a good harvest, and had orgies while sacrificing cops and virgins.

Oh wait - I think that's the Welsh...


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