Friday, December 23, 2005

Cheney vs. Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld and Cheney were already naked on the floor, teasing and coaxing. Cheney straightened up and grasped Rumsfeld's face.

"Fuck me now." Cheney whispered while keeping a dark gaze focused on Rumsfeld, whose glasses shimmered in the dark mysterious room.
Rumsfeld had no control over his physical actions and agreed to pursue Cheney's request. Slipping a forefinger in his mouth, Rumsfeld slicked it with his saliva. After they were wet to his satisfaction, he inserted a finger. Cheney moaned, encouraging Rumsfeld. He nudged Cheney's left thigh against his chest and aimed his staff at his gate. Once Cheney was ready, Rumsfeld pushed in.

Rumsfeld stroke in and out of his heat, pressing dry-lipped kisses upon the edges of his mouth with each thrust forward. Cheney rose moaning and shuddering without embarrassment.

"More." Cheney continued to pant.

Smiling, Rumsfeld shifted his weight onto his arms. He looked down at Cheney's strained erection as he fucked into him. The sight of Cheney taking all of Rumsfeld's cock pounded lust through his veins, making Rumsfeld piston his hips slightly faster with each humping motion.

"Oh, Yessssssssss." Cheney hissed quietly, taking the pain. He brings Rumsfeld's right hand down to his staff, allowing Rumsfeld to stroke it for him. Rumsfeld did, coaxing even more creamy lust out of Cheney's turning-purple dick.

Cheney came in Rumsfeld's hand, erupting his hot sticky seed upon his fingers. Something pulled in Rumsfeld like a string, a sensation that caused him to spurt inside Cheney almost before he finished. Torrents of his come jetted forth, spilling deep into Cheney's bowels and down his ass and thighs.

Then finally, Rumsfeld collapsed.


Blogger Unsane said...

Excellent work! Now do one with Robert Mugabe and John Howard!

8:38 PM  
Blogger Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Ha! Wow. That would be something. Like some sort of Ebony & Ivory remake.

11:18 PM  

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