Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Exploit the good will of christians for their financial ruin

So apparently these folks will send a bible to whatever name and address you fill in:

Free Holy Bible (Mormon.org)
Free King James version (Free-Gift-Club)
Free New Testament recovery version (Bibles For America)

No registration, email, cc, etc. required. We highly recommend filling out this form as many times as you possibly can. Who cares where it gets sent. Send it to yourself then throw it away. Send it to your friends as a cheap christmas present. Get out a phone book and start typing. Send it to non-existant addresses. Send it overseas to increase the postage required. Send it to the territory of Sealand. Send it to businesses who won't know what to do with it. Whatever. It's going to cost them a few cents every time they send one out. If enough people do it all of christendom could be forced into bankruptcy.

You can also request a visit and/or phone call from the jehovah's witnesses. Doesn't cost them much, but you sure could aggravate them. Enter in the information for your local branch of the church of scientology, mosque, catholic church, pizza place, gay bar, escort service, computer repair store, adult book shop, DMV, etc.:



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