Sunday, December 04, 2005

How You Eating Your Bacon?

In a Coq au Vin!
There are many traditional variations on coq au vin in France - in the Jura they add Morels; the Alsatian version is bound at the last minute by egg yolks and cream. In Provence they add tomatoes, black olives and red peppers. In Flanders, they add beer. All this at least, says the cookbook. This isn't the most bacon-intensive dish, but it's in there, and it has seats next to some of my other life-long friends: onions and mushrooms.
Here we are looking down the deep well of the pot. Who's that down there? Why it's simmering bacon!
No proper French restaurant would present a plate like this, I admit. Looks a little pasty from here. But Frankly, most things that aren't deep fried, served from a cart, carved from a rotisserie, or grilled like an Arab in Gitmo look a little pasty to me. But trust me, that bacon was fully cooked before it went in to the stew. And the longer this stuff sits, the tastier it gets. A few days later and it was just about right. And it smells up the house something great.


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