Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Focus on nutrition

A boy who existed on a diet of chips, toast and beans died of malnutrition, aged just 20:

Obviously, if he had added bacon to that mix he would have been just fine.

Funny bits: "Scott Martin's poor diet damaged his liver so badly he ended up with severe liver disease. He bled to death on Christmas Eve after suffering medical complications after an operation to remove three infected teeth. Doctors said a liver transplant might save his life but he was scared to have one. Scott would eat only white sliced bread, fast food french fries, and the occasional plate of baked beans. He hated foreign food, and refused to eat fresh fruit or vegetables.
His dreadful diet damaged him so badly he developed cirrhosis – a condition more commonly seen in hardened drinkers. Scott's teeth were removed but he never recovered and his family watched as he bled to death on Christmas Eve."


Blogger Unsane said...

I like that. Kill 'em with kindness. A more common modern syndrome: half kill them with kindness.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Unsane said...

I guess, though, he just didn't wanna eat his brothers.

4:40 PM  
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