Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Vegas Show To Open To Combine All The Fun Of Backgammon Mixed With The Entertainment of A Follie Bonanza

What does that even mean? Now, I loves me some backgammon. But I am a little baffled by the press release I found that promises to combine Vegas glitz with everyone's favorite middle eastern gambling past-time.

It reads confusingly thusly:
"A new show will be launching on the Vegas Strip in March that will be a revolutionary concept in the world of skill gaming and old time musical productions.
"Audience participation will be encouraged and free money will be given to selected spectators to join in with the on stage frolics. The set will be a mammoth backgammon board and the story will be based around a multi million dollar backgammon championship. The twist, however, is that every night audience members will play the game using the cast as the backgammon checker pieces. “With the backgammon boom in its very earliest stages the time is ripe to launch such an extravaganza.” The name of the production will be Gammon Stakes. "

That's so crazy it just might work! Oh wait- I mean, that's so crazy it's certain to fail.

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities may be possible, says the press release. Well, I'm sure they're just waiting to hear from their pals here at backgammonmotherfucker.


Blogger lucky doubles roller said...

I guess they needed something with real mass-appeal to replace Siegfried and Roy.

8:58 AM  

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