Thursday, January 12, 2006

Today In Bacon

With mammoth implications for restaurants that serve a full Irish breakfast, Taiwan shocked - yea I say SHOCKED - the world by unveiling green pigs.

The pigs are not only greenish in snout, with an eye greener than that of any lepruchan, but they glow - yea I saw GLOW - bright green in the dark when a bluish light is shone on them. While there was strangely no direct mention of bacon in the BBC article, that is of course what our chief concern is about.

The green hue is from splicing jellyfish genes into the pig embryos of course, which could be some cause for alarm if the bacon now contains stinging sub-umbrellar tentacles. We would immediately have to alter the odds of dying by jellyfish sting.

On the other hand, we are of course already wondering if the converse may be true: For example, could we harvest bacon directly from Jellyfish - Yea I saw FROM THE JELLYFISH?

In the interest of speeding this scientific process, I have provided the following diagram: This Old Ones friendly bacon processing scheme I have dubbed "Baco-Cthuhlu" and i expect for the wiley Asians to begin work on this immediately. Let me know when it's ready and i'll tell you where to send the checks.


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Oh good heavens you gave me the giggles!

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