Sunday, February 05, 2006

Insane Backgammon News

For months now, some PR company (don't visit their site - it'll put spyware on your computer) has been releasing bewildering backgammon press releases - stuff about backgammon Las Vegas shows, Backgammon being more popular than Christmas, etc. Here's the latest:

Backgammon Inspired Song Set To Top Charts

A song entitled ‘Let’s Rock and Roll Around the Backgammon Board’ will become an overnight pop sensation according to sources working in the music industry. The song written by 60’s singing icon, Buddy Wiener, is loosely based on the rise and fall of the singer’s own life. Buddy achieved moderate stardom in 1967 with a piece that he penned and sang entitled ‘Life Is A Free Game’. The song was a one-hit-wonder which took Buddy into a nose dive of depression until he was saved by his passion for backgammon.

“We expect the song to go straight in at number one,” commented Joe Laurence, VP of Marketing for “Buddy’s unique story is one that can be used as an example to us all. It can’t be easy living with the kind of fame that a hit record can bring, but never having another successful song can be downright disappointing. Buddy is living proof that backgammon is only a good thing and leads to a healthy way of life”.

“Just the fact that Buddy’s comeback can be attributed to the wonderments of the modern game of backgammon is utterly unbelievable. Never before has one man achieved so after returning from the brink of ruin”.

Buddy Wiener is currently in the Himalayas filming the video to accompany the song.

Of course he is. Where else could you possibly shoot a video about backgammon?


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