Saturday, February 11, 2006

Muhammad Cartoons four & five

You can almost hear Ted Knight bellowing in frustration, "MU-HAM-MAD!!!" I'm certain that somewhere in the Koran it talks about Muhammad's love for his fellow man. Also it surely talks about Muhammad's platonic friendship with the two hot sisters (oddly, one was Puerto Rican, one was Danish) in San Francisco who lived in a house with their father, and the wacky adventures and gay times they'd all have together.

This one just might anger some Muslims b/c T. Rex was into top hats, eye liner, big guitar riffs, and banging gongs, none of which are high on the list of koranic ten kommandements. But like Jesus and Muhammad, they all died at age 33, from choking on ham sandwiches. Except maybe Jesus, who ate his ham sandwich with no problem at the last supper, but then got messed up the very next day.

Thanks to Josh from the LBC for the cartoons.

Keep those Muhammad cartoons coming in! There's still a couple of Danish embassys still not burned to the ground!


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