Thursday, February 02, 2006

Our own Muhammad cartoon

To take some of the pressure off the newspapers and the BBC who have reprinted a cartoon of Muhammad and infuriated the Muslim world, we thought perhaps we should put up our own pix of Muhammad.

It's funny what gets people upset. For me, it's people who park in the far right lane between 4 and 7 pm when it's supposed to be used to keep traffic moving. I also get annoyed at computers in movies that make all sorts of crazy noises that real computers never make. I mean come on, we've all been using computers for decades now, and not once when I enter in an incorrect password do I get a buzzing noise or a female voice that says, "Access denied."

Apparently for a billion Muslisms, nothing gets their goat (and they love goat) like depicting Muhammad in pictures. Pictures, music, dancing, all sorts of things ruffle their feathers. Luckily, they love backgammon and hummus, so I'm willing to forgive a lot.

I think if everyone out there draws their own little Muhammad cartoons we can solve this phobia of theirs. It's like someone who's scared of spiders. Put them in a coffin full of tarantulas and they'll be magically cured! Maybe. So: group project. Draw your picture of Muhammad, post it somehwere, and let us know. Then we'll put links up to all of your pictures. Once the Muslim world sees all this, they'll realize they're being silly, start thinking about taking a couple courses in accounting and biology down at the community college, and the whole world will be better.

And hey - dont worry about what he looks like. Since they are prohibited from depicting him (to prevent idolotry I think) no one is sure what he looks like! Odds are good though that he's got a beard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your muhammad looks like will oldham.

11:18 AM  

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