Friday, March 17, 2006

Bible Study = Kiddie Sex Abuse

The above equation seems to be true in many cases. In fact, if you do a search in Google News for the word Bible, you will usually get a story about some Bible Study Youth Group Leader with computers full of pedophilia phun. And molestation isn't just for Catholics anymore! Lots of those creepy rural religions dig it too. Let's sample the product...
Today's LA Times:

Sex Abuse at Bible Study Is Reported

Tustin police say church teacher volunteered to authorities that he had molested a male student. Authorities said Evans began spanking the boy at the age of 9 and fondled him 10 to 12 times. He threatened to spank the boy harder if he told anyone, authorities said.

Church youth volunteer to face sex charges

A 20-year-old Boone County church youth group volunteer was arrested Tuesday on sexual abuse charges after investigators said he fondled a 14-year-old girl at the Burlington church a year and a half ago. Anthony R. Cummings is charged with two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Catholic Diocese Settles Suit for $5.1M
The Catholic Diocese of Jackson will pay more than $5.1 million to victims of priest abuse. The announcement was made Thursday by the Diocese and attorneys for 19 plaintiffs in the case.

And finally, in honor of St. Patrick's Day:

Files show abuse claims against 102 Dublin priests

"From the information now available, approximately 350 victims have been identified and there are indications of a possible further 40 persons who may have been abused but who it is not yet possible to identify or trace," the statement said. The diocese said that so far it had paid out 5.8 million euros (4 million pounds) in settlements and legal costs and invested 2.5 million euros in child protection services.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i found this when searching for anthony cummings, hat guy got turned innocent when it turned out the girls parents fabricated the whole thing....and that story never made the news?!

8:22 PM  

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