Monday, March 13, 2006

Malawi Today: Campaigning the Old Fashioned Way

We haven't checked in with the zany goings-on in Malawi in a while. Let's see what's happening there:
Police Arrest Malawi Opposition Leader for Trespassing on a Graveyard

Blantyre, Malawi, 03/13 - Malawi police have arrested senior opposition politician, Sam Mpasu, a former Speaker of Parliament, for trespassing on a graveyard in the southern district of Machinga.

Police spokesman Joseph Sauka told PANA that Mpasu, now spokesman for the former governing United Democratic Front (UDF), was arrested Saturday night after villagers from Chikwakwata reportedly found him in the graveyard in the company of two other men.

"The villagers got suspicious when they saw his car parked near a graveyard (...) and when they went to investigate they found Mpasu and two colleagues in the graveyard and apprehended him," Sauka said.

Imran Tenesi, one of the men with Mpasu was also arrested, but the third man identified simply as "Yunusu," escaped and police are after him. Police said Mpasu, also a former education minister, claimed he "lost" his way and "strayed" into the graveyard.

He is to be charged for trespassing on a graveyard, which carries less than five years in jail under the country`s penal code.

Malawian politicians are known for seeking charms from traditional medicine men either to boost their political careers or to ward off perceived political enemies.

Five years in jail seems reasonable to me for being in a graveyard at night. ...Also there were more floods that left more than 6,000 homeless. But that almost goes without saying.


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