Thursday, April 06, 2006

Live in Seattle: Have Flesh Eaten Off Your Bones

Seattle is the glorious mecca for flesh-eating bacteria.

(no pictures. Too gross.) In just the first quarter of this year, eight people were eaten alive by necrotizing fasciitis in Seattle; many others managed to survive it by seeking treatment from "western medicine" which may or may not have been aided by belief and prayers in the Lord Our Savior Jesus Christ.

In the latest case:

After being misdiagnosed with shingles on Friday, he was admitted to Evergreen Hospital Medical Center's emergency room Saturday night when the pain on his left side wouldn't let up, she said.

The left side of his chest started to swell and bruise, she said. "It looked like someone beat him up," she said.

Doctors performed exploratory surgery and discovered the dead tissue, she said. They removed some, stabilized him and transported him to Harborview. In the time it took to get there, it had traveled down his arm and killed the tissue, his wife said. He died the same day.

It is therefore clear that the residents of Seattle play a daily game of Russsian Roulette. Will today be the day they contract necrotizing fasciitis? Or will it strike tomorrow? It's clearly just a matter of time.


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