Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Answering Our Fan Mail

In a recent comment,
Tigre said...

why do you hate christians so much, this is the vibe i get off your site. I'm no devout christian, but i do believe in God. I also drink and party where i live in las Vegas, i think that you should just tolerate them, not hate them. They don't agree with you, but they tolerate.

Do we really need to explain this? That the Egyptians, Sumerians, and probably Neanderthals worshipped Gods for thousands of years longer than our current monotheism has existed? Tha t pretty much all evil can be traced to religion? That it's the territory of con-men, hustlers and cahrlatans that feed on the weak, poor, ignorant and fearful? That society and individulas should be able to do good without consulting a Magic Book of rules and without doing good to please a non-existent ghost? That we should avoid doing immoral things for reasons OTHER than fear of eternal punishment? That Odin, Poseidon and Horus are just as valid as Jesus? That our country, founded by deists, is being driven into the shit by an alchoholic coke-fiend and his cabal of fundamentalists that LITERALLY believe in the Rapture, which posits that 144,000 chosen people will magically rise into the sky and live with God while the rest of us fight a nine-headed dragon? That the Bible as we know it was cobbled together 400 years ago under the eye of King James I, a man who executed all of his rivals, including family members? That crackpots like Farrakhan, Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and various dottering old popes actually SPEAK the word of God? Let alone the bazillion Mulsims that believe all non-Muslims should be wiped out? That the idea that God gets angry if you eat pigs or shrimp or if your penis foreskin isn't trimmed away just right seems a little silly? Genital mutilation of women? Oppression of women in general? Imprisoning Galileo? Admitting Copernicus was right just a FEW YEARS AGO? Anti-scientific rhetoric that keeps people sick, won't educate them on disease and how to prevent it? Colluding with Nazis? Massive cover-ups of pedophilia and child abuse?

So we don't discriminate Tigger, it's ALL religions we have a problem with. Not just you and your drunk, stoned christian frat brothers in Vegas (who would all burn in Hell if only one existed.)


Blogger Unsane said...

Maybe the religious zealots do have a hell -- Earth.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Unsane said...

At least, that's what they turn the Earth into.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Artamisa76 said...

i am currently experiencing rapid palpitations and that certain light feeling (minus the salivation),i adore your site!
bytheway,jolibee is the number 1 food chain in the philippines.aloha burger is back with double patty.enough to clog your arteries. enjoy!!!

10:55 PM  

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