Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Priest News Round-Up!

What are priests up to today? Sticking up for the poor and oppresssed? Giving away possessions to help others? Inspiring others to dedicate their lives to service? Let's see! (News search for the word "Priest" on Google. These stories came up first.)

Priest goes on trial accused of raping teenage girl

Burbank priest steps down amid sexual abuse allegations

3rd Priest At South Austin Church Accused Of Sex Misconduct

Ohio Priest Removed After Abuse Allegation

Parishioners defend priest who hired private investigator - (Priest resigned last week over accusations he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in church funds to pay for luxuries related to his life with another man.)

Priest's demotion fails to mollify victims

Priest convicted of $34,000 welfare fraud


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