Thursday, June 08, 2006

How are we eating our bacon?

Well this time, it's old-school with the emphasis on school. More specifically, just like they used to make at Grog's Pizza. And even more specifically, a barbecue pizza. Regular pizza with bbq sauce substituting for tomato sauce. Top with bacon, sausage, onion and extra cheese. If you were actually ordering it from Grog's you would also have to ask for extra bbq, but since they went out of business years ago you are making it yourself, so simply apply the proper amount. "But California Pizza Kitchen makes it with roasted chicken and red onions!" you say. Fuck that.

p.s. the picture isn't a real bbq pizza, it's Red Baron breakfast pizza.I put it there because that's a brilliant idea. Made with Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese; creamy gravy sauce and bacon on a biscuit-style crust. Only in America.


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