Friday, June 23, 2006

Jollibee Sunday! Non-Stop Barkada Bonding with Jolly Cheezy Fries!

(Actual Jollibee Promotional copy): Sure, there are video games, TV soaps, and love interests that usually keep every teenager busy. But if someone calls for a barkada get-together, expect every thing else to be put on hold just so they can catch up with chums.

Whether it's a celebration of a friend's birthday, or a casual hang-out, every barkada get-together is usually filled with laughter and conversations about every possible subject that the group can tackle!

If you want those barkada conversations to last longer, fill them up with the juiciest details about the campus hottie, or perhaps the latest news about everyone's favorite TV program. To keep the fun at exciting levels, keep your friends busy munching on Jollibee's Jolly Cheezy Fries!

Jolly Cheezy Fries are hot and crispy french fries doused with your favorite toppings. And here's something hot that your barkada can munch on. It's the new Jolly Cheezy Fries Cheese 'n Bacon - a hefty french fries treat with cheese sauce, garlic mayo and topped with bacon bits. You and your best buddies can still indulge on your usual favorites, the Double Cheese and Cheese 'n Beef variants. To complete the Jollibee barkada experience, try the new Jolly Cheezy Fries float combo, for a more exciting barkada bonding.

So next time one of the barkada hollers for a get-together, head straight to Jollibee for a non-stop Jolly Cheezy Fries party!


Anonymous Cassandra said...

Yep, I can feel my arteries closing as I read the copy.

Oh, there it is, the startings of a heart attack!

3:34 PM  

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