Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Malawi Today: Capitalism Flourishes! Gods Pleased by Human Penis Charm!

Malawi's body parts trade 'booming'

Malawi's minister of home affairs Bob Khamisa has confirmed that trade in body parts was not a mere rumour because police investigations had revealed that many cases of homicide were related to body parts business.

He was answering a question from a member of parliament from Ntchisi south, Nkhosa Kamwendo, who asked why selling of body parts was fast becoming a practice in the country and rampant in the four districts.

"Police investigations also indicate that private body parts are most of the times used as charms to boost business,” Khamisa said.

The minister assured the house that once the police are through with their investigations, those involved would be exposed.

An opposition MP from Lilongwe north west, Ishmael Chafukira, said the practice cannot be curbed because the media in the country was obsessed with politics and is not vigilant in exposing those involved in the trade to shame them.

However, his observation was quashed by government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati who said the media is doing quite a job in bringing to light issues of body parts trade.

Last week the Lilongwe Magistrate Court sentenced two men Felix Maganga, 42, and Leonard Ganiza, 28, to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for being found with human private parts.

They were caught last year in possession of private parts which were still oozing blood at the time the police arrested them at the Capital City Hotel in Lilongwe.


Anonymous Cassandra said...

I think there has to be some type of intelligent response here, but, men arrested for possession of penises...

Interesting blog. Glad I found it

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