Saturday, July 08, 2006

Malawi Today: Malawi must Close the Witchcraft gap with Zimbabwe!

BBC - In Malawi, some government ministers are pushing for witchcraft to be accepted under the constitution. Zimbabwe has lifted the ban on the practice of witchcraft, repealing colonial-era legislation that made it a crime to accuse someone of being a witch or wizard.

BBC asked people: Do you believe in witchcraft? Is witchcraft part of your life? Are you a witch or a wizard? Please tell us any witchcraft stories.

Real witches or wizards do not hide that they are such! The only sad part is they cause a lot of fear in people of its secrecy.
Noel Sichivula, Lusaka, Zambia

Witchcraft is a true thing in my society. A witch is simply an evil person aiming to destroy other people's lives spiritually. Witchcraft should not be recognised in any form as it is not good within the society. -Yero Sam, Bansang, The Gambia

Witchcraft exists worldwide in all societies and cultures. There are two kinds: white and black witchcrafts. White is when it is used for good purposes and black is the reverse. It should be left up to every government and its citizens to decide what type suits them the most. -Thomas Doharty, Hamburg, Germany

I have to laugh when someone asks me whether I believe in witchcraft. It's like asking whether I believe in atoms or x-rays or that the Earth is round. I am a Wiccan that practices magic for personal growth and knowledge so that I may better the world around me. Magic is indeed real, and those who say otherwise just haven't studied magic or been around the right people. There is no such thing as "the supernatural", nothing is above nature. -Richard Brownbear, Wilkes, U.S.A.

Witchcraft is a barbaric art and it should be abolished by all democratic nations. As a man of God I do not see it necessary to even practice witchcraft in modern society or even primitive society. -Mohammed Konneh, Monrovia, Liberia

Witchcraft is like a religion. So many people believe in it. I would not say bad things about the entire practice because there are good sides and bad sides of it. Witchcraft has the same value any other religion has. -Stanley Ian Hawk, Nigeria

Back in my home in Sierra Leone, we know witches to be bad people. I now wonder, after hearing about Zimbabwe whether they are capable of doing good. The worst thing is that witches exist in your family, and that member of your family who is a witch is the first person to harm you and see that nothing goes well for you. -Malvis Sannah, Old Jeshwang, Gambia

A cousin of mine cast spells on her brothers and sisters when she was 9 years old, and the spell is still working up on today. - Olayinka Olorntuyi, London, England

When some witches in my community were known to be the cause of less-infrastructural development in my village, they were all rounded up and killed in the market-square. Even the Bible detests witchcraft practise. Read Leviticus 20:27. -Bob Eshikena, Asaba, Nigeria

Even God in the bible Exodus 22:18 said "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live¿. In my community if you are caught, you are given the jungle justice, which is death -Jacob Ekele, Kogi, Nigeria

All people who have practised witchcraft will burn in Hell as indicated by the Bible. They may be able to do some wonders and magic but the raging fires of hell are ready for them. -Apenisa, Baghdad, Iraq

Keep away from poison and witchcraft becomes completely useless. After all, if it counts for anything, at least an African team would have won the World Cup. -Emeka Obiodu


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