Monday, July 17, 2006

Our Favorite Hobos: Layering

95 degrees of oppressive heat at 12:15 pm?
Bah. Sunstroke is for the weak.
It's still all about layering for today's fashionable man/woman on the street. I say "man/woman" because I had no idea what sex it was. Let's start at the top: Two hats! And, naturally, a well placed hood in between those, which, when paired with the sunglasses, gives a kind of retro Unabomber feel. Scarf wrapped tight about the neck three times. plaid shirt unbuttoned, jacket, at least 2 shirts under that; one of which had the aforementioned hood. All the color of filth, so none of it clashed.

Pants - I couldn't examine too closely, but it appeared to be only a single pair of beige corduroys. A little disappointing she/he hadn't tried to pull a pair of long underwear or leg warmers up over them. The shoes were more like exploded smoked brisket; black and tattered, never revealing a bit of skin. Project Runway, meet Project Runaway.


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