Monday, August 14, 2006

Deserted Lambert Field

I no longer want to fly anywhere: No water or headphones allowed on planes. And in England no books or newspapers allowed. What the fuck? Just put the Ayatollah in charge. The first thing he'd do is ban books anyway, so what's the difference? But I still love the idea of flying and particualrly the occasional great bit of architectural wonder. Lambert Field in St. Louis is one such place. My last time there I was lucky enough to come in late at night on the last flight and the place was empty.

Just remember that the days of being able to shoot quick photos in an airport are gone - or will be in a couple of weeks. You'll be approached by a fat dunce of a federal rent-a-cop who is bored and couldn't begin to understand why you'd want a photo like one of these. It'll be for your protection. For everybody's protection. Just one more little thing you can't do anymore.


Blogger Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Lambert Field's main terminal looks a lot like Idlewild's JFK terminal turned inside out. How about that.

10:55 PM  

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