Friday, September 01, 2006

Cory Doctorow Singlehandedly Destorying Boing Boing

Continuity Error to Be Fixed in Harry Potter Book!

Amazing New Extension Cord to Change Humanity!

Carbonated Grape Juice is a Real Treat!

Some Dumbass to Speak at EFF Convention!

Syllabus For My Class at USC Now Available!

I don't like McDonalds!


Read the new Sci-Fi Book I Wrote This Morning!

Oi Lurve Inglish Peepul!

Posts like this make our eyes glaze over every morning while drinking coffee and make us wonder what's going on over at Metafilter or even (shudder) youtube. Cory Doctorow seems to be trying to destory by an endless stream of brutally uninteresting posts about his myriad inscribed editions of Isaac Asimov rip-off pulp, his crazed belief that Disneyland is in cahoots with the FBI, and dumbass anagram maps of every subway on earth.

Look - This is why people come to Boing Boing:
  • Crazy Japanese shit.
  • Stuff about Americans being too fat to fit in X-Ray machines
  • Old pictures of families walking around Disneyland in the 60s
  • The latest in news about Yetis around the world
And on that note, we are sorry to say that in Xeni's multi-day posts about Tibet, we saw nothing about sex OR Abominable Snowmen. For shame.

To that end, we're inviting someone with more technical knowhow than we possess to hack Cory's Cray mainframe and make it look like he killed JonBenet or brought a soda and hairgel on an airplane. It'd be pretty funny if the Feds locked him up for 20 years. And it might just save Boing Boing.


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