Saturday, September 16, 2006

Great Moments in Backgammoning

It's a crisp October evening in 1971 and the Alpha Delta Phi Franternal Organization of Cornell is planning a party. The croquet mallets in the yard are wet with dew, and the stinging defeat in skulling suffered at the hands of Brown earlier in the day has been washed away in a round of afternoon gimlets.

Dinner jackets are donned, beards are groomed, and the prized backgammon boards of the House are ceremoniously brought out. The rattle of the bones against old leather and the gentle clack of Bakelite checkers act as a beacon to the pale blonde co-eds of the neighboring dormitory. They set down their volumes of Keats and Dickens and their experiments in lesbianism for the night to indulge in highballs, cigarettes, and a roll of the dice.


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