Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Interview with former Brookfield Zoo dolphin show host about the death of Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter.

Q: How dangerous are stingrays?

A: Stingrays are a kind of fish. You may think dolphins are also fish, but they're not. They bear live young, produce milk and must breathe air. They are in fact mammals, just like you and me.

Q: Was it the venom or the barbed spines that probably killed Steve Irwin?

A: Both are dangerous. So are the jaws and teeth of the dolphin. See those marks on Windy's fin? Those were made by the teeth of another dolphin that was showing aggression. But those marks will fade over time.

Now let's put our hands together for the fish-whacking dance! When the dolphins knock the beachballs out of the pool, throw them back! Here we go - it's time to Fish Whack!


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That's right Lee, sometimes the stingray barb ends up in your heart.

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