Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pope Decision on 'Limbo' Delayed for a Year

2,000 Years Worth of Dead Unbaptized Babies Told to Keep Waiting While Ratzinger Ponders Their Fate.

"They're used to it by now - After all, it is called Limbo," says unnamed Arch-Bishop.

ROME - The medieval Roman Catholic concept of “limbo” will remain in place for at least a year after Pope Benedict XVI failed to mention it in his homily at Mass today.

A draft document drawn up for the Pope’s approval declaring that limbo was “no longer essential or even necessary” and could be “abandoned without causing problems of faith” has not been finalised. It will not be presented to the pontiff until 2007.

Catholics regard limbo as the home in the afterlife of the souls of unbaptised children.

Vatican theologians denied suggestions that the proposed change was intended to prevent people in areas with high infant mortality turning to Islam, which holds that the souls of all babies who die - including those stillborn - go to Paradise.


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