Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mugabe intoduces new staple to dites of Zimbabweans

The once-prosperous citizens of Zimbabwe are now eating rats to make ends meet. When asked for a comment Sudanese refugee Atanga Otambu replied "It is my dream to one day have a rat to eat."

Rattus rattus


Blogger Unsane said...

The best way to eat one's rat is to perceive him as a politican.

Actually Zimbabwean writer Marechera has a poem about rats


You want to buy what?
A rat,
A rat with a conscience.
A rat with a permanent conscience?
Of course.
But an inability to act on that conscience?
That's the general idea.
Well I have several you can choose from,
This one just ate Grenada,
Tipped it to bits and shat it out
American Girl cleansing lotion.
It already started to nibble and salivate at a dainty
Piece of Nicaraguan cheese.
But it's (wink, nudge) really aiming BIG now in Berlin
London, Amsterdam, Paris
Aiming at Natasha's tits in Moscow--
Show me another.
Okay. Now, this oneis hte sly type.
It eats colonialism
So that it can shit in pure malice on its own.
I treid to buy it in Kenya
I tried to buy it in Malawi
I tried to buy it right here
But do you know where I got the bastard?
Having dinner with the ghosts of
Malan, Verwoerd, Vorster, and Botha.
Show me the others.
Well this one was involved in the Aquino affair
That one befriended the Shah and instroduced him to
That other one called the Ayatollah.
That short clerical one and that fat grey old lady ...

(sort of out of date, but you get the idea.)

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