Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Return of Jollibee: Day 2

Presenting this year’s hottest new tandem! The all-time favorite Jolly Hotdog Classic topped with special sauce and cheese and the hottest newcomer Jolly Hotdog Taco-Style topped with taco-style beef, juicy tomatoes, cheese and spring onions. You gotta try it!

Kim and Gerald go for another Hot Pair!

Since their Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition days, life has been a wild ride for the reality series’ breakout stars Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Since starring in the teen romance blockbuster First Day High, the pair has been thankful for diverse projects that come their way.

Getting an endorsement deal from leading local food chain Jollibee is one such project. Both Kim and Gerald consider it a privilege to be part of a family that lists Aga Muhlach, Sam Milby and Sarah Geronimo among its members.

In their latest Jollibee TV commercial, the duo takes a tongue-in-cheek look at their star status. In the ad, Kim and Gerald walk down the red carpet, waving to fans. However, as it turns out, the real star were the Jolly Hotdog Classic and Jolly Hotdog Taco Style, which Kim and Gerald were holding. The commercial, directed by advertising “it” boy Sid Maderazo, was launched this week and is now seen on television.

The Jolly Hotdog Classic comes with special sauce and a generous heaping of cheese, while the Jolly Hotdog Taco Style is topped with beef, juicy tomatoes, cheese and spring onions.

“I feel happy to endorse products I believe in,” explains Gerald, “And I believe in Jollibee. Their food is delicious.”

“We’re very thankful,” adds Kim, “that Jollibee placed their trust in us. When I think of Jollibee, I think of a hangout for everyone, where the food and the prices are good. I consider it a blessing to be an endorser. Siyempre Jollibee na yan!” She is a fan of the Jolly Hotdog Classic’s cheesy taste.

There is evident affection between the two, who had nice things to say about one another during the shoot for the ad.

“Gerald is such a gentleman,” says Kim. She adds that when it comes to work, he can get disappointed if he misses something. “So next time, he really works even harder.”

On the other hand, Gerald thinks that Kim is good at almost everything. Apart from that, he says that Kim is one brave girl. “She doesn’t give up,” he exclaims, “she’s always 100 percent all-out.”

They admit that being part of a popular tandem is amusing and fun. Both say that fans look for the other whenever they are performing or doing mall shows on their own. The commercial is only one of the many current projects for the very busy young love team. They are also currently seen in the ABS-CBN sitcom Aalog-Alog every Saturday and will appear in an upcoming soap.


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