Tuesday, January 16, 2007

backgammon in love

Poor Oswald Jacoby. Sure, he was largely responsible for the backgammon boom of the 70s. So much so, that his picture adorned the game box:

But then, the old man-young boy bonding in a library just wasn't deemed sexy enough.* Or at least not the right type of sexy. So they repackaged it like this:

I can't tell if that guy's hand is on the chair or her thigh, but there's no mistaking the gleam in his eye. However he is losing the game by a huge amount, so perhaps he's just trying to change the subject from backgammon. Also of note: The board and pieces pictured have gotten way crappier.

* For Republican Congressmen, Catholic priests, and gay-hatin', meth-snortin', evangelical con-men it's just the RIGHT kind of sexy.


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